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    F1 Visas and Issues

    One of my friend got rejected for his student Visa recently and is now trying to appeal the process so that he can start his masters over here. He was asking me for advise and I dont really know much about the appeal process. Has anyone gone through it and is there something in particualar they look for? He had all the papers and stuff but apparently they were not convinced that he would be heading back to Pakistan after he got done.

    Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

    yeah.... my cousin will be going for his F1 intrerview soon.... what are the "traps" to avoid.... please posty posty..


      I have been told its a bad idea to tell them that half your familys over here Doesnt leave much in the way of keeping you back in Pakistan after you have come here.

      Other stuff. make sure you go there prepared for most things and have all the documents from school and banks... and if lady luck shines on you ... you should be fine


        The most important thing the Embassy people look for is ties with Pakistan. You have to prove that you have alot in Pakistan and you will come back after you are done. After that the Councillors usually dont create problems.


          What will the embassy people look for:

          ->A good bank statement!
          ->Ties to Pakistan -- usually computer/eng. majors have a hard time convincing visa councelors that they will come back cos of the big demand in US.
          ->Score in TOEFL/GRE

          Also, please don't lie in any way shape or form. Best approch is to say the least, kinda like when the police (or your wife) ask you, you answer them in yes & no!
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            Ok... my two bits too. Alhamdollilah I have never been rejected by US Embassy in Islamabad (I got B-1 three times) but I have seen ppl get rejected on F-1 a number of times. The reasons are usually the same.

            1. For F-1, the reputation of the university which has send u the I-20 is also imoportant. Unimportant uni I-20's are frowned upon by the visa officer. Your scores in TOEFL, GMAT, SAT's etc are also a big plus. They will ask for them.

            2. Financial Responsibility. In simple words... wealth. A wealthy person has more chances to come back to Pakistan, than a poor person. You have to show bank statements for 6 months. At one time I saw a gentleman who brough deposit slips as proof of his wealth. Needless to add, he was turned away.

            3. Family ties. Surprising as it may sound, the eldest son has better chances of getting an F-1, compared to younger ones, because the Embassy staff thinks that in Pakistani culture the elder son is more responsible for parents and is thus more likely to come back to take care of his parents. If you are the eldest, try to sneak in this info to the visa officer, even if he doesn't ask directly. Don't boast about family in US (thats a negative). I have seen ppl lie flatly on the visa application form and don't mention brothers/sisters who are in US. There is no way for visa officer to confirm/investigate that anyway.

            Try not to appear too eager or too placid. Answer in a matter-of-fact way, with clear english, minimal fumbling and signs of nervouseness. Remember, all such things indicate to the visa officer that you are hiding something.

            The US Immigration Law assumes that anyone who is trying to visit US will immigrate unless they prove otherwise. And the visa officer is looking for that proof from you, because the visa officers are themselves ranked as to how many visas they issued and how many of those ppl disappeared in USA. So its their job on the line too, and hence they are very particular on not giving a visa to anyone they find suspicious.

            When you talk to them, convince them that you will come back to Pakistan, because you have family here and other ties.


              What if you mention that your cousin and not your immediate family members are here. In my case, I am willing to provide housing to my cousin to offset his total cost. It knocks about 4 to 5 grand off the obligation. I am also showing my bank statement to show that I will cover whatever little shortfall he may have.

              Is this a good idea or not?? Should I mention myself as cousin or as a friend to improve his chances. Or should he get help from people in the native country. Pls. respond ASAP... this dude will be heading to embassy in a few weeks. Immediate response will be appreciated,,

              one more thing... this guy will apply for visa in Saudi Arabia... how does this change things for him as oppose to applying in Pakistan??


                Much easier if he is applying from Saudi Arabia, Your support letter for some expenses or lodging will not be a weakness in his case.
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                  If you aer covering part of financial costs of the visit and the stay then by all means, disclose them.

                  One of my cousins got a US visa (8 yrs back) even though he himself had very little resources to show in Pakistan, but he showed a letter from an "aunt" (his mother's friend) in US wherein she promised to cover the financial costs.

                  However if a brother/sister is not bearing any costs, then there is little point in boasting about them, cz that indicates that he has less and less incentive to come back to Pakistan.


                    However if a brother/sister is not bearing any costs, then there is little point in boasting about them, cz that indicates that he has less and less incentive to come back to Pakistan.
                    Peacemaker, you've confused me now. So if a cousin is sharing part of cost, does that make it a strong case or a weak case. The school official recommended that I don't metnion myself as a cousin because it gives an impression that he has less incentive to go back. My tilt is that it makes his case a bit stronger knowing that housing is provided as well as "guidance."

                    BTW, you think I should show myself as a family friend??


                      Ghalib Bhai,

                      Showing that cousin his cousin will help out with arrangements is fine! I even told them my brother is here, and they didn't take it as a negative point. Though asked me a lot of questions and asked for his I-20

                      Just be sure that he has all your information. Questions like where you work, how long you have been there ... etc. They usually ask these questions to make sure that the two people are close.
                      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
                      - Robert McCloskey


                        Ghalib, I don't know why the school officials advised against it. Don't they know you are bearing part of the costs? If you are, then showing your presence and appropriate support documents will improve the case, and not weaken it. Thats my view.

                        However, if you are 'just there' as a cousin and no help (financially) to the student, then it is merely another black mark to make it as an incentive for the applicant not to go back to Pakistan.


                          Oh I missed the last part... It depends on the visa officer, how he takes it. Generic relationships like 'aunt' and 'uncle' are used all the time to indicate blood relatives as well as to indicate family friends. As long as support document is there, the visa officers may not be too concerned.

                          You can show yourself as cousin or as family friend, either way is fine.


                            Ghalib Sahib the most important thing is having all the paper work in order ! Secondly he needs to be confident and needs to convince then that he has a lot of stake in Saudi or something similar. If his dad owns a business that is a plus point.
                            Also u mentioned that you were gonna help in living arrangements. Well in my opinion u should act as a family friend rather than a cousin. u need to send a letter and your bankstatement - and other paperwork. The visa officers can really read u like an open book - they have a lot of experience so really it is very important how he presents himself. Hope that helps Inshallah u will be seeing him in US very soon

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