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Credit Card Use in Pakistan

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    Credit Card Use in Pakistan

    I need some info on Credit Card use in Pakistan. Do people have them/use them on regular basis ? Do many places accept them ?

    I heard (from a rather unreliable source) that credit card transactions over the internet are illegal in Pakistan. I have a hard time believing this because:

    a) It makes no sense.
    b) I'd be suprised if Pakistan had ANY laws concerning the internet.

    Which bring me to my second question, which is about encryption. Are there any laws which limit or control the use of encryption technologies, esp. from web-based cc transaction point of view ?

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    From my knowledge, the internet transactions are legal. As for the use of credit cards depends on where you want to use them. When I went to Lahore I bought a lot of Music, Movies and Software CDs and I used my visa. At good resturants you can use your credit cards. Apart from that... genrally all expensive places use credit cards.


      Actually, you are right. Pakistani law, right now do not allow vendors to receive payments over the internet via credit card. That is why no Pakistan-based site can transact business via credit card on the internet. Having no laws on the internet, translates that the existing banking laws apply which have no provision for digital signature, hence the problem. I have heard that the government is actively pursuing to remove these obstacles, cz they are a big hinderance in expansion of internet in Pakistan.

      But, credit cards issued in Pakistan are accepted elsewhere on the internet. For a brief period these was problem, right after our nuclear explosion, but subsequently the restriction was lifted. Some banks still do not allow Pakistani-issued credit cards to be used to make international purchases (in foreign currency) over the internet, so you have to find out from your bank in Pakistan.

      The use of credit cards is spreading very rapidly, due to its security (you don't have to carry cash). Major banks which issue credit cards are Citibank, MCB, Standard Chartered Gridlays and American Express. Other nationalized banks are also poised to enter the fray.

      However all these banks deduct a certain percentage (usually 3%) from the balance while paying to the vendor, so expect no discounts when you are paying by credit cards (especially irritating, since in Pakistan in most shops you can bargain a lot to get lower than ticketed price). Expect to pay Rs 3 to 6 extra for every Rs 100 you spend on buying petrol through credit card.


        There are presently no laws in Pakistan on encryption, so anything goes.

        I am sure as soon as PTCL figures out the implication of encryption, they will pump up our army, who in turn will clamp down on encryption technologies, on security reasons...

        Till that happens, there are no restrictions.


          Well I used my credit card (issued in UK) frequently in Pakistan & I didn't have any problems. Usually people say that not to use Credit cards on the WEB if you are connected from Pakistan because there is not encryption. I didn't have to use it on the WEB anyway when I was in PK. Alternatively if you are in Pakistan, you can use your Euro/Switch (Meastro, LINK, Cirrus, PLUS)card to get cash from ATM, though your bank may charge you around 1.20 (GBP), I dont know the USA/Canada rates.

          My suggestion, dont use your CC through the WEB if you are in PK, otherwise its OK.


            on the web it will depend on the site you are connecting wouldnt it?

            if its secured you'll have a SSL between you and the server, I guess thats as safe as anywhere!

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              SSL is crackable as well ... particularly if ISP is running IIS then its very easy.

              Honestly people can even crack SSH (secure shell). Better to be safe than sorry.



                So whats secure then???!?!?