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Did you guys notice ? :-)

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    Did you guys notice ? :-)

    This forum just got a new name, and a brand new description.

    Now in addition to career, this is also a place to carry out academic discussions and share ideas of scholastic merit. To facilitate your discussions on advanced scientific matters, the Admin has allowed [IMG] tags to be used in this forum.

    Good luck to the moderator and all the members. Please feel free to let the moderator know of any additional suggestions and comments you may have on this forum.

    Yeah! I noticed it right away, but I can't upload images here, right? I guess, I'd have to upload them in image gallery and paste the img-tag here then.

    Umer, the Pakistani Brain of Austria

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    The Pakistani Brain of the Austria (formerly known as "The Pakistani Brain of UAE")



      For the moment.... yes


        Can you please define whats allowed and whats not. Hopefully this change will not deteriorate the quality of careers forum.

        Guy with the Urdu Custom Title :~P


          Hey Pristine thanks for bringing that up.
          I am fairly liberal in whats put on this forum as long its decent and related to the topics - ie career and academics. Who--me dont worry about people deteriorating the quality of posts here... I think in this forum its fairly simple to define whats acceptable and whats not.

          Thanks to Azkar/Pristine and Admin, now people can actually type out or write out stuff and scan and post it on here as an image... at least till we get an equations writer (right pristine


            Hey, don't look at me! I don't do Equation Writer sorta stuff...
            Bug Azkar for it...



              However, please note that even though this is our new Academics section, there is already a 'Tech Talk' section for gupshup of technology lovers... so keep all technology-related discussions in its own dedicated section.





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                  hmm y is it still CRM at the top y not CRA or C&A .......or.... Cr&Ad
                  Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

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