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How do you ace a review. Need some pointers.

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    How do you ace a review. Need some pointers.

    It is review time. Since I have only been with the company less then a year, and some the questions are related to like your last review.
    questions like these below..

    Q1. Describe anything you would have done differently in your job since your last review?

    Q2.What type of supervision helps you be most productive? What changes, if any, in
    Supervision would be helpful (i.e., delegate more, more responsibility)?

    WQ3.What questions do you have about salary and/or benefits?

    and there are lot more.
    Q4.What parts of your job do you like best? Why?

    I am totaly confused and need your guys help...


    if your in a firm where workers are respected and the company is genuinely interested in your development I would recomend that you tell them the "polite" truth (note emphasis on polite). That way if there are things your supervisor can change to help you enjoy your job better and make you productive he will do his best.

    If the review is just for the purpose of a review then it might be better just to be polite and not neccessarily truthful...

    Perhaps other people with more experience have a better idea on what to say at your review.