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    good old professions

    Quoted from Muzna in another thread:

    I write is my hobby. There was a time when I actually considered becoming a journalist but facing major discouragement from family elders, I dropped the notion and got into the IT industry. They insisted that technical expertise was the only way to a secure future.

    So how many of you feel that. I mean keeping up with the high tech stuff is the only way now and good old professions like journalism dont cut it anymore.

    What I feel is that what ever you do, if you are good at it, you can reach a high mark. For example a lot of embassadors these days are literary people.

    its a demand and supply issue. It is harder to do well in journalism because the opportunities are limited, but things change. I remember one of my pals who got an MBA in marketing, could not find a job that he liked or at a level he wanted to be, got an MBA in MIS and as doing well....but 10 years later there is a shortage of marketing professionals
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