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  • Munni

    why wouldnt you report it? other issues to deal with then?


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  • Beatle_ki_wapsi
    started a topic Money Making Business

    Money Making Business

    Our computer teacher has been such a pain for two years. Now, with just 10 days before our O levels, he has given us an offer. He will take after school classes at dhs. 50 an hour. If ten students agree for the classes and he takes 5 classes, two hours a day, he can earn Dhs. 5000 within 10 days. Thats a hell lot of money. Its not only our computer teacher, other subject teachers are doiing the same thing because they know that the students are desparate and would do anything for those classes. To attract more students, they do not teach properly in the class and then offer after school classes to us.

    After-school classes are illegal over here. If we report this to the ministry of education, the teacher might face an axe. These teachers earn about 2000 dhs per month. Imagine 5000 dhs. in 10 days! Thats juicy! Education has turned into a money making business.

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