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Work related Arbitration

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    Work related Arbitration

    One of my independent consulting friends recently asked me about arbitration and I was hoping someone here would have a better idea about it. He worked for a firm for a little while and was not totally covered for all his costs. He is now thinking about taking it to arbitration/small claims courts so that he can recover the money. so the questions:

    1) has anyone done this before and whats the proceedure?
    2)does it have to be in the locallity where the service was rendered, the location of the company who paid for it or it can be anywhere the worker is currently living?
    3) Are there other ways to purse this process? I had suggested instead of just calling up the ex-empolyers he should mail them certified letters with his grieveances and the exact amount he is claiming so that they have it on the record.
    4) has anyone done something like this in the tri-state area (ie NY/NJ/PA)

    Appreciate any help.


    where im at..

    arbitration deals with grievances btween union employees and ppl covered under a collective agreement.. and the employer..and the union would rep you.. at a hearing before the arbitrator where there decsision is final .. and you cannot appeal.. but

    in ny. i dunno.. i'd think since this person isnt covered by a union? im assuming.. he'd have to complain to an employment standards body.. see over here.. if your not cov by union you'd complain to employment standards office.. so.. thats one way to go.. other way to go.. would be to collect under small claims court.. which is not hard to do.. but realy would depend on if you have a case.. and if its worth the effort..

    maybe this might help