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    Game Development in Pakistan

    Ia m pasting an email I got from a professional mailing list
    Dear friends and fellow Pakistanis,

    Assalam-Alaikum and Greetings!

    We are a Pakistan based venture located in Karachi and are involved in the
    development of 2D/3D Video & Computer Games. Game development is perhaps
    the most sophisticated of all software development as it encompasses the
    most complicated programming techniques coupled with multimedia and
    creative input.

    The gaming industry is quite typical in the way it operates and to carve a
    niche for ourselves seems quite a task. What we have is immense creative
    talent, programming genius, 3D modeling and animations' expertise, however,
    game development requires a lot more. Game development can be best related
    to making sci-fi movies. With high expectations from customers and the
    standards set by industry leaders with labels like the Mortal Kombat
    series, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Quake etc., the task for development has
    indeed become formidable.

    Games these days are expected to have close-to-life characters, animations,
    backgrounds, graphics with a powerful story line, music, sound effects,
    action, drama and thrill.

    At NMCTECH (the organization undetaking the task) we have the capability to
    create all the above. Ground work on the Project is complete with a unique
    story line, characters, back grounds and game play. Game development
    requires the usage of a Graphics Engine - the main program controlling the
    computer hardware and interfacing with the user. The Graphics Engine that
    has been developed by NMCTECH has the capability to make cutting-edge games
    from simulators to 3D pont-of-view games to one-on-one fighting games to
    role playing games to strategy games. The game currently under development
    is a one-on-one fighting game (e.g. Mortal Kombat) with a powerful story
    line, unique characters and back grounds. Animations and music for the game
    has been conceptualized to be most modern with introductory animations for
    each character, character ending animations, game introduction cinematics
    etc. The game play is very modern with customized combos, over 72 moves per
    character, throws, fatalities, violence and gore.

    Various parties have already been identified within the country for the
    music development, sound effects creation and video filming.

    The primary objective of NMCTECH behind the development of this game is an
    international linkup with a leading game publishing company like EA Sports
    or Electronic Arts. Game publishing companies purchase games from game
    developers at a sizable price and undertake the task for managing the
    worldwide sales, sales promotion and distribution. Game developers are
    remunerated by the initial payment on the purchase of the game and
    recurring royalty on product sales.

    Developing games in Pakistan is highly cost effective in comparision to the
    USA, Japan or Europe where most of the computer game development is taking
    place. With the right connections into the industry, talent is not scarce
    and people are thrilled about working on such an a project. Services of
    animators, modelers, musicians, programmers, graphics artists are available
    at very subsidized rates.

    At NMCTECH we require assistance vis-a-vis the following in completing the

    -Corporate sponsorships (Advertisements within the game)
    -Working capital
    -Local distribution in Pakistan
    -International linkup with a game publishing company
    -Building a strong and professional local setup

    We are looking forward to any help that could be provided to us in the
    above mentioned or any other areas. We are very serious about this activity
    and hope that with some assistance we are able to accomplish our objective.

    Allah Hafiz and may Allah bless us all.

    Kind regards.


    ALi Junaid Ahmad
    Ali Junaid
    1st Floor P.I.D.C House
    M.T. Khan Road, Karachi
    Tel: 92-21 568 1896, 568 7051
    Fax: 92-21 568 9455

    thank u for sharing.hope u will send this kind of posts in future.once again thanx.