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Anybody know the procedure to settle in Canada?

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    Anybody know the procedure to settle in Canada?

    A young couple i know back in Pakistan asked me advise how they can make a future in Canada. He is a MSc in Math and Statistics and she is an advocate LLB(High Court Rawalpindi). They contacted a legal (Pakistani) person who offered to help them. He asked them USD 3500 fee. Since they are not that rich and want to know bout their chances they asked me.
    So i am askin you guys (esp. Canadians), does anyone know about this, or has any info? Is paying USD 3500 worth this, or could theu better spend the amount in a local casino?
    Thanks in advance for all ur reactions.


    they can get all the needed info from canadian embassy as well as thorugh the websites.

    two factors..candian immigration is getting strict so they may want to act fast. tell them to consider other places like newzealand and australia as well.

    secondly, due to the recent h1 changes tons of h1 workers in US are applying for canadian immigration so acting fast is imperative.
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      thanks, i'll pass this info.



        IMO, its not worth paying 3500 bucks to get Canadian Immig. THe process is pretty much streamlined and the instructions are much very cut and dry. Practically anyone can do it and I don't see how this couple may have trouble.

        Start here:


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          i owe you too, thanks.