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hmmm..cant thin

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    hmmm..cant thin

    I was just thinking.....

    Like while we are going through Uni there usually are so many options... I mean if you are an Undergraduate... options are doing a double major or doing an honors years or for example for me doing a year in industry before my last year.

    After you Ugrad you can usually opt for postgrad degree and stuff.

    My question is... in terms of age... when is the time to say Okie I have studied enough, lets focus and become a professional now.

    and how do you plan for that..... and how much in advance do you do it......

    Dunno if it makes sense or I am just confused these days

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    woooppssss...... sorry about the topic


      I think personal circumstances play a part. If there is a need for you to go out and earn money, then sooner the better. However, if people are comfortable with their environment and can afford to continue to study then this is what they can do.

      With regards to how you plan to become a professional, or how much in advance you start thinking about this, is an interesting question.

      If for example you choose a finance related degree, then I suppose to a ‘certain’ degree you have already started thinking that this is the profession you want to be in. However, this is not always the case, as once you start your course you my decide that this is not the cup-of-tea for you and decide to do something totally different (as I have found with many people who started or completed an engineering degree and ended up becoming chartered accountants). I too did a degree in engineering, yet am working in different field.

      I believe we are living in interesting times, which allows us to choose a career in an industry in which we may not have formal ‘educational’ qualifications.

      So enjoy whatever you are doing and don't worry