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    Notre Dame

    Has anyone here been to the Mendoza school of Business (University of Notre Dame). I am looking for personal experiences.

    Smile! cause its free


    I have a few colleagues who are notre dame grads, and went to the business school there. My cousin went there but transferred out after a few years.

    Good school, decent program. Definitely gets more respect due to the name of the uni than it is really worth, but amazing alumni network, which is in my view probably the most important factor for business schools.

    It faces stiff competition since, Uof chicago and Northwestern are not too far as well as purdue, case western etc. Which means you do have some competition out there for jobs perspective.

    everyone who I know that went there is happy. Only somewhat negative thing i heard was, "i went there for undergrad, but not for my MBA because you do not get the exposure to big business and get networking opportunities that you get in big cities"

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      Thanks Faudia.
      Hey Ghalib, since you are in the area, what is the desi community like out there.. if there is any!