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JOBLESS in Amreekaa !!

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    JOBLESS in Amreekaa !!

    Just been given the boot by a dot-com company that went bust.....

    Looking at the market/economic scene, getting another job does not seem to be easy and I have one month to get one ( on an H1 here)...

    Any suggestions on what should be a good next step for me?
    (besides the obvious - "pack your bags !!")

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    try logging onto
    Good Luck,
    the hardest thing is to find the H1 thing.

    your in my prayers
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      U left out some obvious details... location, field of specialization, experience... blah blah blah. We are not najoomi's (except, maybe, Pir Fraudia), so if u want some serious advice, u got to provide data.....!


        what's najoomi ?

        By the way, I am currently based in the SF Bay Area - the scene of dotcom carnage !!

        I have more than 4 yrs. of mostly all web-related skill sets (java/ejb/xml and app. servers like weblogic/ATG Dynamo).

        So are u giving me a job or I file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy ?

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          A good place would be

 Good Luck ...
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            Well, would the new employer need to go through the headache of getting a new H-1 visa for you or can you extend it yourself?
            Please let me know...I might be able to do something regards a job.



              send me your resume. I was in the market myself a few months back and still get contacted by the recruiters for various companies. consulting e.g. IBM, CGEY as well as software martini etc.

              also check out to get inside scoop on the industry.

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                Originally posted by AnokhaUK:
                Well, would the new employer need to go through the headache of getting a new H-1 visa for you or can you extend it yourself?
                Please let me know...I might be able to do something regards a job.
                The new employer has to apply for a change in H-1 visa, but chilli can join the new employer pretty much as soon as the employer files for this change. The actual approval comes in 2-3 months. It will cost the employer somewhere between $2-3K, which includes attorney's fee etc.


                  Got this in email today... u might be out of job, but you can still be famous!

                  From: "Murali Krishna Devarakonda" <[email protected]>
                  >Subject: [isn-announce] INTERVIEW with Wall Street Journal &;
                  >Effect of Layoffs
                  >Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 10:28:09 -0800
                  >Dear ISN Members,
                  > As you all know, the US stock market is taking a big hit and the
                  >has slowed down considerably, resulting in layoffs in many companies.
                  >Several companies have also gone out of business or are struggling to
                  > In this economic climate, it's doubly hard for H-1B workers who have
                  >laid off or are at risk. The big issue with a layoff for a typical US
                  >citizen or permanent resident is the loss of income and the stress of
                  >to find another job- in this tough job market.
                  > But for typical H-1B workers, a bigger issue is having to choose
                  >being "out of legal status" if another H-1B employer cannot be found "in
                  >time", or being forced to leave the US, disregarding the social and
                  >ties they have in the US, not to mention the fate of their spouses (who may
                  >also be working, perhaps also on H-1B) and children going to school here.
                  > Both "The Wall Street Journal" and are separately
                  covering this
                  >story, and want to talk to anyone who has been affected by the recent
                  > As always, YOUR IDENTITY WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED unless you want it to
                  > Essentially, they're both looking for:
                  > * anybody who has been recently laid off,
                  > is having trouble getting a job, and
                  > is considering going back to his or her nation of origin, or
                  > has already returned.
                  > * Also, for a possible 2nd story (or part of this one), The Wall
                  >Journal is interested in looking at how marriages- typically among Indians-
                  >are being sped up before people get their green card. The reporter wants to
                  >talk to anybody who hastened to get married while still on H1B, to avoid
                  >having to be separated from the spouse for years (this would be the case
                  >Green Card holders who marry foreign citizens not currently legally able to
                  >enter the US on their own).
                  > By talking to these reporters, you'll help bring both national and
                  >international focus on the plight of H-1B workers, and start a national
                  >debate about how the current system should be reformed to address your
                  > If you're interested in talking to either or both these reporters
                  >your situation, anytime between now and the publication of the stories (the
                  >sooner the better), please contact:
                  > Murali Krishna Devarakonda
                  > email: [email protected]
                  > Phone: 408-261-8796
                  > The reporters are willing to travel and meet people wherever they
                  may be,
                  >including their home country. However, these stories can take a few weeks
                  >before they're published. Please check the ISN web-site for
                  > Remember- you decide whether you want your identity to be disclosed
                  in the
                  >Murali Krishna Devarakonda
                  >Member, Board of Directors
                  >Immigrants' Support Network
                  >e: [email protected]
                  >h: (408) 261-8796