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    As you progress through your career, climbing from one position to another and, in turn, rising fron one salary level to the next, you acquire some personality traits. These traits are gained not by the virtue of your age but by the particular progress in your career. Whether the progression is linear or exponential may also have a bearing on the depth of your trait.

    Of all the traits you have acquired, which one do you despise the most?!

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    I haven't started yet......have I??


      let me count them..

      1. apathy..
      2. lack of drive for progression..
      3. not risking anything.

      working for public body.. you are surrounded by people in thier cosy jobs (very difficult to get fired in a public service / government job) not taking any risk to actually progress.

      scares me that sometimes i start to think that way.. but then i remind myself of the management meeting i was filling in for my boss..

      they talked for half a day.. about directives that came from higher up.. decided that the higher up people are out of touch and they don't know our problems.. so they voted to maintain status quo.. it turned out they voted for status quo every meeting for six months..

      at that moment i decided i did not want to be in management position in a government job... just biding my time to gain enough experience to say 'ciao' and 'muchas gracias for the experience'



        I know whatcha talking about. I was a consultant for government for about two and a half years and all the lack of motivation, progression and desires somewhat transcended on to me. Gov't employees everywhere, whether its Pakistan or amreeka or, in your case UK, are pretty similar. The job is relaxed and there's no pressure of deadlines and productivity to keep you on the edge.

        IMO, Gov't job is good for two types of folks ONLY!!

        (1) folks who want to relax through their career with a steady paycheck and guaranteed employment.

        (2) folks who're on the fast track on their career and want to run a small business on the side.

        if you run a small business on the side, gov't jobs are the best. You can pretty much pace your work load and at the same time run a small side business.

        NEways, back to the topic.. I despise not being able (or more like, not willing) to spend time with the family because the work responsibilities have increased many folds. I find myself in this position these days with my new job where the wrk environment and expected productivity and results are gauged everyday. Everytime I find myself going overboard, I force myself to take off and get right home and relax....

        There is another trait, but I'll talk about if later. Gotta return to work for now..


          I don't have much experience but for me its "looking after myself" primarily.
          Perhaps some of you also feel this way. I feel that in most situations, many positions if you don't put your self first, you may be in trouble and it is all a direct result of too much competition.


            Ghalib.. i think you have hit the head of da nail..

            interesting thing in the Environment Agency is that if you want to move up it can be quite quick..

            there is such a high turnover of staff.. because the pay is a third less than industry..
            the only people left are
            a. they actually feel they are making a difference.
            b. they want an easy life
            c. their expertise means that there aren't many jobs outside of the Agency.

            you could put me in group A who wants to move up quickly, at the mo.. i have an interview for a job upgrade.. on thursday.. so wish me luck.. stiff competition


              good luck bro kick that competition out
              ghalib did u have that talk with blackzero bout opportunities u knew of
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



                blaczero seems to be making strides in his agency, or so he has mentioned. Dunno how far out he wants to go to make new leaps. If he's willing, I can look around for him in my town or closer to your town. We can take this off from here and make it more one on one. When is this dude coming to amreeka?


                  tough one..

                  that would be my last resort..

                  pay may be better.. life definately wont be.



                    I have expectations that others will do their job and do it well. It gets in my way dealing with a number of people i.e. phone company or cable people when they screw up.

                    I feel that the operational staff there is not motivated and has no interest in serving the customer. I get irate and tell them to do their job instead of giving wishy washy answers.

                    I just expect professionalism from people in all professions and at all levels...and when i dont get it, it upsets me. something I dont like
                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.