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MBA Universities in Canada?

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    MBA Universities in Canada?

    Guys I'll be applying for Grad. studies in Canada.

    Could u folks tell me which universities are good for MBA programmes.

    I've heard a lot about York and UofT....are they any good?

    Best for MBA is University of Western Ontario..
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        hey azaadi...

        I'm applying for to various univ. for MBA for the Fall session.

        It mainly depends what specializations interests you.

        Overall ratings,

        Univ. of Western Ontario is rated as the # 1 MBA in Canada and #6 in North America .

        I'm personally applying to UWO, McMaster, McGill and York.

        U of T has a great program... they're rated #3 in Canada, but I'm just fed up of being at U of T for the past 4 yrs. for my undergrad degree.

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          I know MBAs who went to Uni of Toronto, McGill, Concordia and Western Ontario and have heard good things about all unis.

          The advantage you will have by being in either toronto or montreal is that its much easier to network, being in a major city with a lot of business, and while you are in school it makes it much easier to interview with companies other than companies holding campus interviews at your uni, which is one disadvantage at Western Ontario but the reputation makes up for it.

          I think you cant go wrong with any of the picks as MBA programs go in general, what you should investigate though is the area of your emphasis and how good is that uni in that arena.

          e.g. when it comes to international busines sin US, Thunderbird kicks some serious butt but you will never even see it in the list of top MBA programs..and even when the rankings are up and down Kellogg may be #4 one year but still could have the top marketing program.

          You may want to ask the univ about the program that you are interested in, average starting salaries, major companies which recruit for that program..grants, facilities, etc etc.

          And bro, in the end if the uni is in a certain tier, it would not matter much from a "elite" point of view because they all have their own niche and would get your foot in the door, what you do with the career is then upto you.
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