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    Look into Silicon Storage. At $12 +, it has a forward Y2001 PE of 4. Growth is 50 % + annually. PEG of < 0.5. Amazing. Its become a value stock.

    They make low density flash memory. The flash market is the fastest growing segment, even in this slowdown.

    Nas is currently at 2600. If SSTI falls to the 10 to 11 mark, scoop it up. Yearend target is 30 +.

    Check out the stock for yrself before you invest. Ticker symbol is: SSTI

    Also, look at Fibercore (FBCE). Its currently at approx $6 on the Nasdaq-SCM. They make the fiber strands for the fiber optics industry. Owned by TYCO who has invested heavily in the share at $ 6.50, the stock should see $ 15 - 20 by year-end, as the economy starts making a recovery.


    keep em coming. anyone else got any tips or insights?
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      Lucent is @ around $15 right now. May go down another 50 cents or a buck....but its a great short term buy. Will go up to $20 in a couple of weeks.

      anyone in the Pak stock market?


        Buy Atmel (ATML) in the 13 - 15 range. manufacturer of high density flash memory.

        Target price : higher than 13 - 15