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Any chemical engineers around???

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    Any chemical engineers around???

    How many of you guys are chemical engineers?? or chemical engineering students??

    How is the market for chemical engineers in USA rite now...and how is the market gonna be in four years time.

    rizwanfareed is a chemical engineer 2nd year student but he's away at the moment. I'm sure u can have a chat with him when he comes back.
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      Thanks catwoman...

      But riz would'nt be too sure either....I believe he put up a post a few weeks ago...did'nt even get a single reply!!

      I believe there are'nt many chemical engineers around!!


        so now there are tow of you


          yes its mee
          im back
          im actually a 3 year student
          i have 2 years left
          im a chemical engineering student and from what i know the market for chemical engineers is predicted to increase with not many chemical engineers around which means more of this .
          its a good future if u do choose to be a chemical engineer.
          i did put up a post here a few weeks ago but not many people seem to know about chemical engineers and what they do.
          all the best me mate.

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            Hi Guys

            I work in the UK as a Chemical Engineer. Currently on Nulcear Design. Been working for over 5 yrs.

            Market in the UK is quite good, as Rizwan mentioned because of a lack of people studying the subject exisiting people with experience are finding the going good.

            If you need any more info feel free to contact me.




              And what about USA??

              How's the job market in America....and what will it be like in 4 years.

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                well i think the US has oppurtunities but they have enough chemical engineers but the best of luck
                I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by