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    Offer Deadlines

    Just a general question....

    If not clearly specified, how long is an offer from an employer normally valid for?

    If you need to buy a few days before you respond, how would you do so?

    Few things to consider: Does the position in question needs to be filled urgently or its just a routine recruitment for a vacany or an upcoming proejct?

    If the position needs to be filled immediately, the employer usually hints their time contraints. If this is the scenario and the offer does not mention a deadline then I would usually respone within 48 to 72 hours but preferably within 48 hours. Though most of the time you pretty much know the terms of the offer (if the interview was comprehensive enough) prior to the actual formal offer, its still a good practice to sit on it for atleast 24 hours...

    Now, if the position is not urgent and just a routine recruitment, then I will just call the interviewer and first thank him/her for the offer. Tell him/her that you need a little time to think this through with spouse and colleagues prior to coming to a decision. Then throw the ball in his/her court by asking when he/she like to know the answer. If you don't wanna give too much leverage for time constraint to this person, then simply state the amount of time you think you would need to make a decision and ask if he/she concurs. You'll still be throwing ball on his/her court but on your terms. Either way, you'll get the deadline.


      Dunno I am too immature comment in this 'old' ppls forum.....

      My present job......when the person called...they took me through a mental torture first......


      "Hey Asimmm, this Jessica from (so and so)"

      "hey Hello"

      "How have been"

      "Doing are you"

      "Fine thanx, enjoying summer? ( )Hows Uni going?"

      "Pretty good, nearing exams"

      "So how did you like the Interview?"

      "It was pretty good, one of my first here"

      "So you will be available till march 2001?" Or something like that to confirm my availability

      "Yes as I mentioned in the interview"

      "Excellent...I would like to blah blah blah"

      I was so freaked out by now.....when she offered I accepted.....

      I still asked her for a couple of days....Cuz I was going in for another interview (didnt tell her that offcourse).....and she was cool with it.....


        mind you this was not an exectivy position

        Sort of lowly summer student job in IT


          From personal experience in this field, I'd say a couple of days at the most. One has to be very careful, cause, if the company that offered gets wind that the applicant is looking for a bidding war then they might rescind. I nearly lost a gig a couple of years back, so I had to make up my mind real fast.

          In situations like these, its best, that your recruiter(if you have one), handles all these kinds of intricacies. After all, the recruiting companies are paid for these sort of things and they are pretty good at it since more money for you means more commission for them.

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            Hmm. Thanks everyone for the input.

            There is an urgency for the employer so I'll probably not have too much time. I'll probably manage to squeeze and extra day or two out of them.

            Anyhow....let's see how it goes....



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                it also depends on how much they want you. In my job search I got offers from my top 4 choices..big-5s and IBM, and told them that i really needed to think about it because i wanted to stay with the company for some time and wanted to be 100% sure of my choice so no "what ifs" popped in my mind later.

                I did decide to go with my number one choice where \i start as soon as I return from London.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  London? abay?
                  no wonder there's no answer....


                    abay.. I told ya i may be going back for a few weeks. message chorrna naheen ata kya? I have been checking msgs but dinn see any

                    so did ya accept the job offer?
                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.