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    Resignation Letter

    We've discussed changing jobs, interviewing and also salary negotiations. Even went as far as discussing "desi interviewing" tips. Hopefully, if you've played your cards right, you prolly have a job lined up and its time to kiss your current employer goodbye.

    Lets post some tips for resignation letters. To start on the lighter note, I will post a Rejection letter (yes, rejection!!!)

    Dear Mr. Parry:

    Thank you for your letter of November 20, 2000. After careful consideration I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me employment with your firm. This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates it is impossible for me to accept all refusals.

    Despite your company's outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet with my needs at this time. Therefore, I will initiate employment with your firm immediately. I look forward to seeing you then.

    Best of luck in rejecting future candidates.



    I guess everyone bombed the interviews... no offers eh?!



      Ghalib bhai.......Thanks for the hearty laugh.........

      Next time I get a rejection......I'll use this

      Thanx again


        That was hilarious. Ibrahim and I got a great laugh out of it last night. Thanks ghalib.

        Re: Resignation letters

        I've written one for myself and one for a friend. Apparently they were both very good and left the door open for us to go back at any time in our careers. Dunno if I kept them or not....should have....just might have been in the "hardcopy" days so I'll hafta dig 'em up.

        Wish me luck. I'd love to share them.....and frankly would just love to have them handy.


          hmmm. no letters yet...

          allrighty, here's something I submitted earlier this week to my soon-to-be-ex employer. My formalities suck so the lingo in the letter isn't great but hey!! it gets the point across..

          Dear (so and so):

          I have been a member of your highly dedicated team for approximately two and a half years. During this time, I have grown professionally and have enjoyed friendship and support of your experienced and dedicated teammates.

          I have come to a crossroad in my career where I feel the need to further explore a field that I previously worked in prior to joining (company or contract/prject). Highway and bridge design has been of much interest to me and I feel that I need to get involved in a firm which will offer me the opportunity to further my knowledge and expertise in this design intensive field in Civil Engineering.

          Therefore, I have decided to accept an opportunity from (type of company and city. You don't have to give specifics and can simply say another firm). I will resign from my position effective January 19th 2000.

          I would like to mention that I leave (company) with great satisfaction knowing that I benefited immensely from the team both professionally and personally.





            the first line says it all

            I would have liked a slow painfull death to the employer........


              Okie.......A Questin

              If you are applying for jobs......

              You get a good the meanwhile you go for another interview....and get another offer what do you do

              Like my scenario was...I got an offer...then went in for another interview and got another offer..... I already said that somewhere??

              The Company A one was a Six month Contract....Company B was permanent Parttime position.

              A had more Pay + bonuses (which I find very good now) and is a bigger company......B was 20-30% less pay but with paid leaves and sick leaves and other benefits(medical, travel...dunno how much they add up to). The company B is actually a subsidery of the A.

              Anyway...I decided to go for more pay...cuz I had a chance of becoming permanent after the contract too....(witch is looking good)

              When the ppl from the seconds one called....I told them that I wasnt available anymore and they were....errr....pissed?? a little.....

              I did write a nice Sorry-for-the-hassle-guys letter.

              Now If I finish my contract with company A and dont become a permanent.....I would like to go to company B (cuz they sort of liked me too ).....meaning I want the best of both worlds.

              I made a mistake of telling them in the interview that I was already considering a position i their parent company (dunno bit of showing off I guess )....and at that time they said it was fine.....

              The question is how would you guys have handled the situation....I mean rejecting the offer but NOT closing the door completely???


                Who-me bratha..

                Resigning from your current job is an art. If not done correctly, it not only "burns the bridges" behind you but also eliminates professional references that you may need later in your career.

                With that said, this process needs to be handled delicately. It almost always makes sense to have a one-on-one conversation with you immediate supervisor or the person you would like to keep in touch with after the exit (needless to say that the person must be in a influential position within the company).

                IMO, resignation letter is not as important as the informal conversation one must have with the supervisor to explain the need for jumping ships. In this situation, it helps if you've built a good working relationship with the supervisor. The letter is normally to make the HR folks happy and usually no one gives crap about what HR thinks because they lack the authority to hire or fire you..

                Now, back to your query of what might some of us had done differently...

                Given your circumtances (young and single as opposed to mid career with family commitments) I would have done what you did. Given the state of economy in US, I have been a nomad for the good part of my career. Being single meant I didn't have to anchor myself to a job with benefits. This sorta nomadic tendency and "gambling" paid off for me for the first few years. When I jumped from one job to another, I normally commanded a hefty pay increase along with varied titles to go along with my adventures. All that has changed now with wiffey and now a kid.

                I would have subtly hinted the interviewer that I am being pursued by other companies (similar to what you did). This usually compells the interviewer to make his/her decision quick and put the offer on the table. This also covers your back when you decide to accept a competing offer.

                When accpeting the offer over another, its always nice to reject the offer either over the phone or in person (I prefer phone). The verbal rejection should be followed up with a small letter appreciating the offer but guilt for not being able to accept due to difference of career "needs."

                shoot.... more later... where's pristine.. he can prolly put something nice together here....

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                  Dear who---me

                  I think what you did in the interview was fine.. You laid the records straight at the interview that you are already considering another job offer.. in their parent company..

                  maybe one of the reasons that they offered you the job anyways.. (if he is good for the parent company.. he will be good for us as well.)

                  You could have tried to negotiate a bigger pay packet with Company B.. but in my case they should not be pissed.. as they already knew you had other job offer which you were serious about.

                  You can write a letter to the them again saying
                  'I have recently finished my current contract work and am avialable in the market again. As we had such a good repoire last time blah blah blah and would love the opportunity to work for your company blah blah blah.. Here is my current CV.

                  and you can mention how much your last job got you in new technical experience etc.


                  bro Ghalib..

                  dinn know you swing from the same tree as me .. Civils.. diff branches.. but same tree.. myself being Environmental (working for Environment Agency in UK)

                  congrats for your new job. and better pay (?)



                    Long time no C dude.. we've talked a few times before. Kamal also talks very highly of you.. Haven;t seen you for a while on Gupshup....

                    p.s. its more money without the bonuses so when you factor them in, its about the same $$$. This move is clearly for professional growth.. money just follows automatically..

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                      Hmm yara these jobs were student type I-wanna-pay-my-bills-myself type of jobs.....(though I get to wear formals sometimes WOOHOO) So package wagera wagera were not on the agenda.... Straight "you wanno work?" "yeah" "see you on monday!!" kind of thing

                      well not that fast But group interviews and Individual there were other eligible applicants too applying for a standard thing.

                      Dunno Hopefully I'll finish my contract and become a permanent. Cuz pay, bonuses and incentives are good.

                      And yeah I had a family I would have gone for maybe less but more preditable income of $$s


                        Sorry... missed this thread....

                        Anyway, I agree completely that writing resignation letters is an art... if you intend to keep a good cordial relationship. I will post my own resignation letter after a few days. I don't have it here with me right now. Suffice is to say, that after reading the resignation, my boss (the big boss, not the immediate supervisor) said... "well done... I am so proud of you. Anytime you wanna join back, just send me an email. You will always have a position with us."

                        And then he gave me the wierdest offer. In my resignation I had requested for a "Letter of Reference" sorta thing outlining my experience. And the boss said... "why don't you write the letter yourself and I'll just sign it" ?!?!? LOL!

                        BTW, I had read in a book that the best way to write a resignation letter is to keep it short. The reason: anything you write, cannot possibly justify leaving the company.... Because you will either be implying that the present company is paying me low salary, didn't give me enough responsibility, asked me to do work which I don't like, and the other company is offering me an opportunity which I couldn't get with you.... !!!

                        I'll dig up this reference and post it here... ooops, I think it was on a website, so kinda hard to find back again... will try.

                        Have fun!

                        PS. And ghalib...congrats on the new move.. Is it the same new employment for which you used the interview tip! Good luck. Which city will you be in?




                            Re: Resignation Letter

                            This was a nice exchange many moons ago..


                              Re: Resignation Letter

                              All i did when i resigned was went up to the owner of the place and said i wont be working for you two weeks from now since you have to give a two week notice and that was it. i didnt have to worry about typing letters or anything i had a great reputation there and they even said they will rehire me if i want to go back to them.