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    The Money Factor

    Salam and hello everyone,
    I don't know how to start but well, i'll try. Now that I've to make up my mind for taking a University major, I'm stumped.
    I mean I like alot of subjects but my parents and other people come with up statements like: Iss ka "scope" nahi hai (in other words this won't get you alot of money).
    Since my parents are going to spend so much money on my higher education, I want to take up a subject with some "scope".
    Can anyone tell me the "scope" of Accounting?

    Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!

    depends where you are planning to work/ study.

    accounting. starting .. you are looking at around $27,000 (well that was five years ago)

    Uk starting (part qualified) 17k avg ($25k)
    with qualified (passed qualification exams)
    25-30k ($37-45k).

    but i is a bust a gut career.. long hours till you qualify as your empolyers will screw you big time as you are stuck with them normally for the term of you qualification exams (other places will treat you similar)