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    hello guys!!! this is nia from NY i have this awesome business here in usa that i wanna bring it in Paksitan. I was just hoping if u guys can let me know what is your view on it........chek out there website

    the company is 20 yrs old.. it deals with all natural products such as loosing weight or gaining weight....the business got opened in India last year and within 6 mon it came from the level 50 to level 6 well let me know whatever u guys think of it...thanks a lot ...

    Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

    I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat

    Multilevel marketing (MLM)programs are tough to run if the organization does not have operations in the specfic country. especially in areas where the foriegn exchange situation could be tough.

    MLM model has not been tested successfully in developing countries especially if the sponsor hierarchy umbilical cord remains intact.

    As with every MLM opportunity, anyone looking into Herbalife is cautioned to proceed cautiously, know the realities vs the bright prospects painted by the MLM people. There is quite a bit of information posted on the net not just about Herbalife, but also lawsuits brought against the company.

    However MLM has proven to be a good opportunity for some people, just be careful, informed and proceed with realistic expectations.
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