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Headhunters: Need Advice

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    Headhunters: Need Advice

    okay i've been approached by a headhunter asking me if i would be interested in some types of positions ..

    how does this work?

    like do they take a cut out of your salary or is it like an agency where you are an employee of theirs..

    any advice/opinions will be appreciated.

    A good headhunter will not ask for a cut from your salary.. usually if they are approaching you they will get their commission from the employer.. your salary will not be effected by it .. In USA its very rear that headhunters charge the ‘hunted’ .. they work on commission .. paid by human resources department from an employer .. In Canada some headhunters do charge you (as an employee) but again if they represent a good company in most cases they wont charge you … my advice/personal experience .. never go through a headhunter who charges you (unless your want it badly).. they usually manipulate prospective employees who are desperate for employment … Usually the headhunters who represent employers (get commission from the employer) are very reliable … and of course they will tell you up front that if they will charge you..
    Good Luck !

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      Amber...headhunter itself is not a problem, but the way some of them work may cause you problem. Make it a point to tell the headhunter that he/she should not pass on your CV to any employer without informing you first. This way you will avoid having your CV twice at an employer (one by you and second by the headhunter). Employers have to pay a fee to headhunter so it creates confusion. Also if a headhunter passes on your CV without check, it may turn up at undesirable places.

      For another, dealing with the company directly is usually the best. (although in most companies the HR dept sucks!)

      If you are really actively looking for a position, first check out the reputation of the headhuter agency itself. Usually through their website. I know a really good employment consultancy agency but that is in Northern California. If you are near there or are interested let me know.

      Good Luck anyway.

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        ok thanks for the advice..i'll keep you posted.. haven't met with them yet