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    Career Woes

    Sounds silly perhaps, but so many people, including me, get so against ridden over career choices, and moan the lost or missed opportunities. A friend of mine recently commented that another friend of hers didn't get the job she so desperately wanted. This woman became a little depressed over it, and then there was the kicker of not having a significant other. She sulked about it for days.

    I recently went through something similar, but for some reason, maybe internal warning, I snapped out of it fairly quickly. I went through that whole 'what do I want to do with the rest of my life?", selfishly thinking that I'm in a mediocre position, that happiness and self realization is somehow linked to what I do for a living.

    But it's not.

    My brother told me he would LOVE to have my job, a position where he can relax all day for a good salary and no fear of recrimination.

    He's right!

    I was in this mindset that ambition is linked to happiness, but ambition is a never ending cycle. You always want more, and your eye is always on the next step of the ladder. When are ambitious people satisified with what they have? When are they able to really enjoy the fruits of their labour? When can they realize who they really are?

    When you meet people, how quickly does the issue of your job come up in conversation? It's almost always one of the first few questions, isn't it?


    "Hi, I'm Tom"
    "Hi I'm Harry"
    "Hey Harry, so what do you do?"

    I have done it on countless occasions, but I'm not going to do that anymore. I think the second we STOP thinking that our job defines our life, our happiness quotient goes up...unless your job is ALL you which case, it is time to get some hobbies.

    So, here is the million dollar question to you guys:

    Do you think your job, your career defines who you are as a person?


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    I dont think my job defines my whole life. As soon as i am out of the office, thats it, i dont talk about work. I go home, relax and thats it (Unless of course we have an on going project which requires us to stay late). I felt like you a while back and funnily enough someone said exactly the same to me. Sometimes we just dont know how good we have got it.

    I never bring up work in conversations, unless it crops up. I dont see how that can be used as criteria to judge someone, which many people do.