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I need some guidance!!!

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    I need some guidance!!!

    I have just completed Masters in Computer Sciences from Islamabad. I want to study further in USA or Canada and at the same time i want to earn enough to manage the academic expenses on my own.
    Is it possible? i mean can i work and study at the same time? i dont have the brain of Einstein so plz consider this...
    Also plz tell me the easiest way to come to USA/Canada...(preferably Canada as i have heard that there r a lot of opportunities in Canada)..wat is approximate expense and how long the process can take?

    you have 2 options, one is to come as a student and get a graduate assistantship which will pay for your tuition and you will also get a stipend. This way you can focus on youe studies and finish up while you have a career related assistantship to help pay.

    Second option is to get sponsored by some company as an employee and study part time in evenings, which could be hard if you are in a job which requires travel.

    I am not too familiar with canada so have to pass on that one.
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      Fraudia yaar,
      can u plz explain the process of option 1?
      can i get the graduate assistantship easily?


        Torture Rack,

        it depends on what you can offer to the university. Graduate assistantships come by much easier than thought. There are 2 key factors here

        #1 timing
        #2 contacts

        You have to apply for grad asst positions early. In most cases well before admission application cut off dates. Second option is that you can start researching universities find out which professor is doing the type of research you are interested in or have background in and then contact that person and build the contact up.

        You can get teaching assistantships for which the best place to contact is deans office or department chair. They are in general a pain in the neck (these assistantships)

        Research assistantships are better and usually the professors leading the research have a very very strong hand in who gets picked.

        General dministyrative assistantships are the easiest, and they are the most easiest to get as well. e.g. superviser in parking services or international students office activities coordinator etc etc.

        Bigger universities have more opportunities. My brother had a research assistantship and decided that it was too much time commitment, and changed it so he sits in international office and coordinates programs, new students etc.

        One more thing you can do is, if you know thw universities that you are interested in, start talking to ppl, international students office, pakistani association etc etc, they can give you names and contacts of ppl who can be good resources.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.