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Exporting Brains..

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    Exporting Brains..

    I believe Pakistan's major export nowadays is ..the cream of nation. Whoever shows some guts flies out of the country as soon as they graduate specially people in medicine and generally anyone who has the means. Astonishing is the fact that some of us who have graduated in Pakistan are doing labour in Middle east countries for a better pay which shows the excessive frustration in Pakistan regarding buisiness and Jobs.

    One day soon ... if the situation is not brought under control... Pakistan is gonna be left with a majority of low IQ brains who won't even be able to do anything for the country!!!

    brain drain is indeed a huge problem for the nation. It is not just a question of low iq people. One one hand their is lack of opportunities on the other hand many people do not have access to advanced degree programs.

    Most of us know atleast one person who would not have made it to NED or Dawood college in engineering but came to US and are doing very well with CISCO or IBM..yet if their families did not have the resources, or these guys did not have the guts to try education abroad would they be able to get the educational opportunities?

    Brain Drain is not only true for Pakistan but for many developing nations.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.