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Intros..please do a write up on yourself

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    Intros..please do a write up on yourself

    Assalam Alaikum everyone

    Please do a write up on yourself so people know if you have experience in their desired area or current area of occupation. i will start..

    I am a fairly recent MBA. I worked with the World Trade Center and ICI chemicals before I finished the program. My background is in International Marketing & strategic mgmt.

    After my MBA I worked in Citicorp Global Securities Trading unit. Later I joined KeyCorp as a Project manager in the area of quality control and process reengineering /standardization for the institutional asset mgmt services.

    Currently I am working as managing consultant in e-strategy group of a consulting firm.

    If any business majors have any questions that I am able to answer I will be glad to help.

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    I'm just a high school student
    Great forum though

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      I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from UK and I work as a Financial Consultant and Investment Manager, specialising in investing funds through private placements and running a fund which invests on the USA and UK stock markets. If anyone is interested in a career in the financial and investment world than I would be more than happy to provide them with further information and help them in any way I can.


        W/salam fraudia..
        Nice idea.

        I’m an occupational therapist, which means I help people regain functional independence in all “occupations” of life. This means I help rehabilitate people to be independent in self-care, work, play, school all areas of life. OT is different in the sense that there is a strong psychological background as well as physical. We do both physical rehab, cognitive and visual rehab. In addition there are many areas to specialize in such as pediatrics, geriatrics, adult, schools, acute care, work hardening and ergonomics.

        I’ve been working in a large hospital for 3 years with a variety of patients. I see patients who are acutely ill from strokes, brain surgery, orthopedic surgery, car accidents, general medical illness etc.

        It is a very fun and rewarding career involving high people skills as well as clinical skills. It is a wonderful job for women because you can work in the school system as well as easily work part time…I know women who job share and both leave wehen their children go to school and are home before the kids are. The field is very flexible and one can often work one day weeks or just a few hours a day depending on your area of specialization.

        The field was very much in demand and to some extent still is however, changes in (US) government health care funding significantly affect how the job market is. In addition, there is a limit of growth…meaning in 20 years I’ll be just a very experienced therapist who is making slightly more then a new graduate.

        Most people go into management, independent consulting or change areas. However, I’m now considering returning to graduate school for a MPA…master’s in public administration in health policy and management degree. I’m personally interested in getting involved with international health care companies..both profit and/or non-profit (W.H.O/UNICEF) just not sure exactly how.



          UNICEF and WHO all look for people usually a bout 6 months or so before the hiring time. I think it is parallel to IMF where I was interviewing almost a year before I finished my degree.

          You can usually write to them and ask about opennings or projects for which they may be looking for staff.

          Another option is to approach large engineering consulting firms like Black and Veach etc which are doing development work in third world countries, a number of times their projects have responsibilities other than just Infrastructure development but also look at the social situations and needs for which the companies usually have to outsource this function.

          I can ask my dad sometime, he has been working with IMF and UNDP projects for several decades now. Maybe he can have a better may take some time though, due to reasons that I had mentioned in the mod section.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            ohooooo baray hi qabil log mojood hain

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              anchal. aap kay aanay kay baad ab yeh naheen kaha ja sakta
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                If you are considering studying economics, or a career as an economist, I can offer some suggestions.

                I have a graduate degree in Applied Economics. I am also a part time candidate for a PhD in the same field, and work as an economist with a medium sized consultancy group that undertakes economic and feasibility studies of large scale public projects internationally.

                If you are considering studying economics as an undergraduate degree, a sound background in either statistics or math is very essential. Without this, you may be a little lost. If you don’t have a background in a numeric field, it is important to take a basic or foundation course before enrolling in economics. If your skills are rusty, a refresher course can be very helpful.

                I found it to be very interesting field of study, but it can also be very dry. To keep my sanity, I also enrolled in Humanities and other Social Sciences (anthropology). You can find some subjects that appeal to you. Politics, Geography, Classics, to name a few.

                The current trend is that students Graduate in Business with Economics as a minor subject. I think that is also a good combo for a career in business environment.

                In terms of jobs, Bank, and other large corporations routinely look for economists. There are plenty of jobs for people graduating with good degrees.

                If you have any specific questions, by all means ask.



                  An aussie pal of mine was doing his PhD at Penn and one of his major projects involved some econometric modelling. he explained it to me and the little I grasped blew me away. The complexity and utility of some of those models is just phenomenal. His big gripe was that as efficient as the model may be, its hard to get good data. Same experience?
                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    Well, I did my MSc Information Systems in 1996 and registered for PhD (following my father) but left after one year thinking that its almost useless to do PhD (its my own opinion, not a point to discuss here). I was working for British civil services too, while doing my MSc and PhD. I joind Microsoft UK in 1997 and still working with them on Pan European Network Projects.

                    I am thinking of changing my field from Microsoft Networks and going back to UNIX (Solaris) based Networks.

                    I am also a CSE (Certified Sun Engineer) and an MCSE. So any help needed in these sectors please dont hesitate to ask.


                      Fraudia Yar, yes econometric modeling is now becoming very popular way of extrapolation methods. And yes it is true that the prediction is as good as the data that is input into it. But the thing to remember is not to adjust your results using “judgmental” methods. Your Pal is right, good data is hard to come by. It can be very time consuming and very costly.

                      To me, it is no more complex than doing some statistical tests over and over again. It really is fairly straight forward. Just think of it this way: Where Multiple Regressions ends, the Econometrics begins. If you are interested in learning more about it, I can recommend some good books.


                        do they have an econometrics for dummies?

                        What I need help with is some technology related issues. Too many books are seminars are to technical. I want books seminars that look at it from a higher perspective, more strategic issues and functionality vs how to actually do it. e.g. client servers, issues, weaknesses, strengths..

                        anyone got any good books they can recommend. Again... I dont want to learn how to make the baseball bat, but how the bat is used and what are its strenghths weaknesses vis-a-vis its competitors or a whole different tpe of bat..alloy vs keep this baseball bat analogy in mind when you recommend

                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



                          If you could ask your father I'd really appreiciate it.....Thanks for all your suggestions. I also have a BA in international studies..and never considered engineering construction firms...

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                            ahem kia matlab Fraudz

                            hum bhi parhay likhay hain

                            oops correction parh likh rahay hain

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