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In Emergency reqd info about Dental Studies in Pakistan

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  • Clementine
    You can check the site of Hamdard university...

    The light you see at the end of the tunnel is always a train.

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  • Mr Fraudia
    Sorry Razi, I dont know much about this. i am hoping some of our members have some information on this subject.

    In the meantime you may want to send email or call the ministry of education as a back up.

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  • In Emergency reqd info about Dental Studies in Pakistan

    AOA Dear country men !. I am a Computer Professional and am currently
    working with an Saudi Arabian Organisation. Here I have convinced some people to
    send their children / brother for studying Dental Education in pakistan. I
    within a week need some info in tabular form with Fees and time duration of educ and when
    admission will be opened etc.
    Waiting anxiously for a response from brothers ! Lets build forex of our
    country. You may refer my EMail id raziahmad at Yahoo & Hotmail to Detal institutions as well. ALLAH HAFIZ
    Razi Ahmad Riyadh. KSA......