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    Do we have a guppie here who has passed the MCAT ? if so then plz. tell me cuz I need to know a few things that u had to do before the MCAT ie. oac and university courses ..

    I haven't done the MCAT but I've been a Student Advisor at Kaplan for two years. I may be able to help depending upon what sort of info you need.... I however may not be of so much help if u'e planning to apply to Med schools outside Canada.
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      I took it last year, very glad that done with!!!

      I've been out of the loop recently but there are several books out there that show you which colleges require which courses and their entrance stats so you can get an idea as to where you have a good chance...

      In America usually the major classes classes required are one year of bio, gen chem, organic chem and physics. Then its also good to take up to calc 2 and a year of english, PLUS if its not in your major, its better to take some science classes in your electives so you seem eager on the subject!!!

      hope that helps...


        k2pk which major did ya chose ? molecular bio. ? and um do I really need OAC finite math ? wouldn't calculus be enough ? & one more thing .. what kinda marks/grades do u need to get into univ. ? and um what are the other careers that one can go into if khuda na khwasta he fails the MCAT .. I mean did u have a back up plan ? and when did u take the test .. in the 2nd year of univ. or the 3rd ? okie I'm gona stop asking all the questions now sorry yar


          Don't worry about the questions, i was just beratting NOVA in chat about the same stuff, hes a med school teacher in Virginia...

          okay, lets see, I did microbiology, its all about microorganisms, the only benefit of this was that it taught alot about genetics BUT, I wish I had done biochemestry, now thats seriously interesting stuff...
          I dont know about 'finite math', but calculus is good to take, because if you geta good grade, med schools know that your capable of higher math, basically they are testing your 'thinking' abilities...

          and you science GPA should be up there, but if its not, make sure that you show improvements each semester!!!
          I took the test before my senior year but i had completed all the pre-reqs

          with this degree, only job my friends and I have been able to find are menial lab jobs; running the same tests over and over to determine which pathogen is out there, but nothing major or career making.
          this is basically a stepping stone to a career in STUDYING because you have to complete higher degrees to do anything worthwile.
          My advice is that if your into other interests like computers or history, go for them and take the med prerequisite classes, that way you can fall back on something you still enjoy!!!

          any questions then email me
          [email protected]