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DV 2002 - Pakistan Out!

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    DV 2002 - Pakistan Out!

    This is heads-up for the folks who were planning on applying for this years visa lottery. Pakistan has been eliminated from the list of eligible countries apparently because it had an influx of more than 50,000 immigrants in the past five years.

    Pass the news to your interested folks in Pakistan so they won't pay someone to apply for nothing.

    Pass on that if they can run, jump or swim to Canada, they can get in
    two of my pals applied for canadian immigration, one was an egyptian MBA who got it in 5 months a few years back, the other was a pakistani guy who was illegal in US and had an undergrad in comp sci from here, he got it in less than 4 months just recently.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      The reason I posted this thread was because I still get e-mails from relatives and freinds in Pakistan inquiring about the visa lottery. Some of these folks have actually been solicited by the companies in USA - Yes.. from USA (how they got the names and addresses is a mystery to me) - asking them to mail their applications to them. These companies then promise to mail the applications thus increasing their chances of winning.

      I know a good number of folks don;t have access to updated info. and they'll prolly pay these companies their hard earned rupees to get a shot at winning the lottery.

      Whats even more pathetic is that these companies actually claim that you will win the lottery if you file through them...

      So, spread the word....


        I wonder if the news is already published in Dawn, Jang, Naway Waqt etc.... I'd assume sooner or later it should be.

        Does anybody around here read Pakistani newspapers regularly to tell us?



          Its in today's Dawn!