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Some school memories

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    Some school memories

    I remember my first day at State University of New York (SUNY), Albany quite vividly. Spring '95, Orientation day, and the very first thing that the Dean of School of Business did after entering the room was that he wrote "RIF" in big words on the whiteboard. He waited five seconds for us newcomers to digest the fact that we had no idea whatsoever what it meant. Then he spoke, "RIF" and waited another five seconds, making sure that he just remade his first mark. And then the words came out of his mouth "Reading is Fundamental". Yep, that was the first semi-academic revelation I had in that school. His point was that "read the freakin' student handouts and course offering etc. before even thinking about stepping into my office, having any questions regarding schedule, courses, and anything else that seems a mystery to you right now".

    As naiveté as I was, I picked up Finance as major towards my prospective Business Administration Bachelor degree. That was the only major that I had any vague idea what it was about. That it had something to do with money or banking (And the banking industry at that time was at the peak of mergers and acquisitions; I don't know, I try my best to bomb things in life by doing such idiotic things but somehow things don't work out the way I plan. Apparently, God does not approve of my approach towards managing my own life!). Anyway, so Finance was decided upon. Now, acting blindly on the RIF principle, I was blessed again by the revelation that I could actually have two concentrations towards my major. That meant that I could choose another area of study along with Finance to complete my BS. I looked upon the list. Management was too broad and unmanageable, Marketing... I don't think so... not with my heavy Punjabi accent. Accounting... nah, that would be too much money talk. And then there was this "Management Information Science" (MIS). That sounded good. I had no idea what it was. It just sounded good. 'Kind of new and impressive. I visualized myself calling back home in Pakistan and telling my friends and family "I am studying Management Information Sciences at school". Hmmm, that has kind of right sound and punch to it. So that be it. I can successfully argue on the point that the only reason it sounds so good is due to God's will so that I would one day choose it as my major and actually would have a successful career in it! Apparently God does not approve of my....

    So I took Finance and MIS. I hated Finance from the very first day and that's the end of that topic. 'Had to take two required Accounting classes but I spent whole time sitting in those classes contemplating on how beautiful eyes the middle aged professor has. I still somehow don't believe that age matters when it comes to eyes. Marketing course turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. By that time I actually owned a TV so could easily relate to all the mindless ads. The one Math related course (I don’t remember the actual name of it but I think it rhymes with Cactus or something) was kind of weird. I was doing so badly in it that by mid-term, I went to see the instructor on how I don't understand it so well and what can I do to improve. The instructor, who was actually a Ph.D. student at SUNY himself (yeah, it was one of those summer session), asked if he speaks too fast in the class for me. He said that so fast that he had to repeat himself three times.

    The Management course was full of long-winded presentations. For every new presentation, I would pray that those two cute girls (I still don't know their names) happen to sit on the opposite sides of the room so that my face would look veering back and forth across the room during my presentation. Guess how many times did that happen?

    Business Statistics was boring academically but interesting and insightful in real life applications. However, I bombed the first exam in it and still don't understand how did that happen? I just needed a little more time in Probability Distribution, you know.

    And then there were these other courses like Economics and Psychology etc. but, well, let's not go there.

    So in the end, I ended up gradually liking and loving MIS. As always, God was kind enough to rig the test results in my favor so that not only I could pass, I could actually have above average GPA so that I would use the info on my resume to fill up the awkward blank space on it.

    And guess who did not show up in the Graduation Ceremony just to avoid that little, stupid black hat and gown? I know that grad school (I don't know how that is going to happen out of my lazy life right now) is not going to be the same... It's not gonna be that fun.

    I kind of miss that life now.

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    Hi a_monad

    Even though you don't find me a "good guy" but still accept a high oops hi! from moi!

    It was interesting to read how u got into MIS....I guess its the story with every pakistani freshman..they don't have any clue where they are going or what they wanna do.
    Same thing happened to me...Me being an Atari/Nintendo guy got out of school with a computer engineering degree last year...amazed myself hehe...And guess what I'm pursuing my career in management with a manufacturing software company Isn't life like a box of choclates 'Tom Hanks'

    btw do we need some work out on our beer belly kidding!



      I am sorry if I ever gave you an impression that I don't think you a "good guy". I am relatively new here and yet to get familiar with many names and visualizing certain personalities around. I have seen your name around but don't recall any direct dialog among us on Gupshup (I could be forgetful, of course), nevertheless actually posting anything that would give such an impression.

      Interesting that you mentioned Manufacturing Software Company. As a matter of fact I myself work for a company who develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Which software does you company develop?

      And what does "moi" mean?



        MIS is so hot that i can't believe it. When I started college, City College of NY, I enrolled as a computer science major. I walked into the department and it was filled with orientals and desis. And I mean packed!! Then a freind of mine convinced me that with the number of peeps going into computers, the field will be saturated by now. This was 7 years ago!! I sometimes regret that I changed my major to Civil Engineering. But I still like what I do, and the money I make

        But I just know that had I stayed in computers, I would be raking in alot more than what i rake in now. Life is indeed filled with twists and turns.



          It's true what you said about life. Well, for the heck of it, it keeps things interesting as well. I know quite few people who changed their careers and started in computer science later on. Since the industry situation is good right now, it turned out quite beneficial for them.

          Another advantage I think is that there is a lot of stuff that one can learn on one's own using web and books related to Information Technology (IT). And for those people who changed their careers, it was a big advantage.


            Hi guys,

            a_monad (btw I've never heard this name before) So u r working for ERP cool!. I work for Seradex...its a Ontario based company and we have our whole software made in Access but now to keep up with world we r moving to V.B at the front and Sql in the back for database. Ofcourse those companies who r not running their business on proper data collection from modern techniques go for manufacturing softwares and O boy are they a mess or what. Some of my clients are running their business on Allah kay bharosay pur...I wonder how they make profit out of it..they normally have no proper estimating, invoicing or any kind of logical schedueling mechanisims...but oh well, it has been a good exposure so far but a nightmare as far as programming is concerned.
            Ghalib sahib...a friend of mine graduated in civil engineering and he ws saying exactly the same thing....I wonder whz in computers...I'd rather have some other professional skill and use my computer knowledge to keep up with the technology and efficient outcomes in my respective field.




              Interesting. I am sort of a veteran Access database developer myself. But Access as compared to Oracle and SQL Server has entirely different market in IT industry. The later ones have full scale data warehousing capabilities for larger companies. VB is quite popular these days... more in developers may be than on industry level since it is a lot less headache to develop in it than complicated and cumbersome C or C++. But still, it seems to have some performance issues for full scale, gigantic information systems. I find it wonderful with respect to GUI development. However, I recently took an overview course online on Oracle Developer 2000 and it seems a lot like Access, but with Oracle database backbone, it probably offers more power and accomodation.

              Although our software supports Oracle, Informix, Ingres, and SQL server, we develop the product itself with SQL server as backend on NT plateform.

              You are right about the general level of information systems companies have. But that's exactly what keeps us in demand

              And your are absolutely right in your reply to Ghalib. Functional knowledge in a some field and technical knowledge in IT complement each other to the optimal.

              monad is not my real name, it is just a user name. It means "a being, an entity, or an individual"


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                I agree with what you said. I would rather have fined tuned computer skills to keep up with the new breed cming outta schools. Personally, the only thing attarcats me to IT is the money..I hate sitting infront of a computer all day typing my life sucks!!!

                Boss and a_monad:

                you know whatelse drives me cray...when two computer freaks sit down and talk about SQL this, Microsoft that, Server this, NT that.

                No offense!!!



                  No offense taken. I can understand that.


                    I think this was like my very first thread that I started on gupshup. Just wanted to get a kick out of it...

                    see ghalib and BoSS how you were so friendly to me... You have changed since then... *sniff*

                    PS. Fraudz or Naik, can we move this to Career forum? ... just kinda to start some talk on school days, experiences etc..


                      hehehe a_monad...
                      this is something what i was requesting Muzna/Admin to get a thread going which would be the first post/thread posted by the really really senior members here...
                      least i got to see roman's...hehe..
                      wow, ppl were really mean to you weren't they!?



                        yeah....kohal reminded us to get working on the archive....we have started yaar...just busy these days.

                        if you do a search by date you'll see many, many interesting exchanges that took place a long time ago....


                          Hmmmm just dont pull up my first post or for that matter first 100 posts

                          Roman quite an interesting story u've got there. Ghalib hahaha man, I got out of computers major in undergrad cuz I was also told that the mkt would be saturated and only top ppl from top unis will get good jobs, rest would just be coders

                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                            I started coming to Gupshup in '98. But I usually surfed in once in a while to check up on the Jokes section - and I am talking about Rated R one.. Then the mods closed the section and I remember I protested along with buncha other folks to bring the section back... One bad thing that came out was that I stopped going to Joke section and started checking out rest of the forums..

                            Now, I check up on Gupshup throughout the day @ work...



                              The idea of bringing back this thread was actually in part due to that post of yours... I kinda got curious myself to see how was it back then when I was new myself.

                              ghalib yar, you know the worst thing that I ever heard career-wise came from my dear aunt. I know she didn't mean it, it just didn't come out right...

                              Summer 1997, I'm about to graduate in few months, legally I'm out of status, and have no idea how would I get a job and everything depends on getting a job that will sponsor me for H-1B visa so that I can stay ... and we are just talking and my aunt says "it's so tough out these days that you aren't gonna get a job". I was stunned.

                              But I know what you said in your very first post... and see how misguided Desi students can be? I mean, you simply took the advice of a classfellow, without even taking a look at the statistics or browsing through industry reports in the library for the IT field (I'm not bashing you or anything, just making a point).