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What is the secret of Israels success

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    What is the secret of Israels success

    In 1947-48 two countries were formed based on religion...Pakistan and Israel...
    Why has one become a leading state and politically powerful enough to control even US...while the other..........

    while the other.......?
    plz continue


      numerous factors but in my view 3 are the most important

      1) average education
      2) stability of social institutions and government
      3) per capita foriegn aid.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        but why....why...and how can we do the same



          because education was encouraged and the infrastructure was set in a way to educate everyone.

          social institutions were stable because the educated population made their choices be known and the institutions were focused on serving people and not vaderas filling their own pockets.

          foriegn aid due to strong ties to major players, some worldwide guilt about the events at WW2 and great PR work by the counry's politicians as well as supporters in the countries where they lobbied succussfully.

          If Pakistan had the type of financial and technical support that Israel enjoyed it may be at better than it is now but still would not be the same because we as a nation did not take responsibility for our destiny.

          Agreed that there were external threats and/or perceptions of external threats that had increased our defense spending, but that is a whole different topic.

          Our institutions failed, they were never allowed to flourish and serve but rampant corruption increased the net worth of one corrupt civil servant or politician after another. Nai roshni was abolished and then re-instated as people's education and then let die a slow fading death.

          Our ability to innovate, and take initiative as a nation was suppressed. Why are there succussful start ups by Pakistanis aborad versus in Pakistan. Its because there are closed doors everywhere and hurdles to get the smallest things done, its chaning with increasing programming and coding houses being set up.

          Our excuses have always been..the british left us a crumbling system, our infrastructure was bad, we dont have the technical skill base, we dont have a skilled labour force.

          We could have decided to tackle these issues head on, or to sit back and complain about it election time after election time and make promises of all sorts.

          We chose poorly.

          So that answers the why part from my perspective, I will post later on How we can get out of this rut.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            when a yahoodi comes to US he becomes a senator or wants to become a senator. when a Pakistani comes to US he wants to be a gas station owner and make lots of money one way or another.

            not that there is anything wrong in making lots of money... but it comes at the cost of education and power.


              Making money is exactly what the jewish commmunity does....
              I think we dont know how and where to spend the money...
              Look around you the media is controlled by them so they mould public opinion...the financial institutions are contolled by them so they control the money...their formula for success in my opinion is
              media + financial institutions = political power

              Ik fursat e gunah mili woh bhi char din


                There was this Egyptian which had a small restaurant in Iowa that sold Middle Eastern type foods.The father of the family once related to me a story of what happened to him when he first came to Americaand tried to establish his business. He went to the bank and opened an account with a few thousand dollars.
                While he was doing so, the man taking the information, asked him a few questions about the business he was making. The Muslim answered that he was doing ethnic foods like hummos and falafel. The man asked, "Like Jewish food?" The Muslim answered, "Yes, like Jewish foods."
                A few days later, when the Muslim was checking his balance, he noticed it had suddenly grown to about a $100,000 or so dollars. He was shocked. He went to the bank to report the mistake and spoke to the same gentleman. The man told him not to be alarmed. He had spoken to a few of the brothers at the Jewish Temple, and they had donated the money as a gift to help a fellow Jew get started.Of course, the man clarified himself and returned the money, but the point is this: This Jewish man and those he spoke to had seen only that the man was supposedly a Jew. For that reason alone,they had helped this total stranger.