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    A new, fresh off the Boeing 747 plane, Pakistani IT professional is looking for advice/help in his job hunting endeavours in Canada or the US. He has a BS in computer engineering from Karachi but doesn't have much work experience (the kid is straight out of college). He lives in Winsdor Cananda, which I believe is near Toronto and has a permanent residency status in Canada. He needs guidance on where/how/when to apply for entry level jobs either in the US or Canada. I am confident that our Guppos will rise to the ocassion to help our new fresh off the plane fellow get to work y'all and let's see what you can do.

    Thanks much


    Couple of things that I can think right now are to search IT job hunting sites. Few that I know top off are,, But there are quite a lot of them on the net.

    He can type in the search words according to his skills and narrow down the search. I would think he can even type in 'entry level' to narrow down his search from the very beginning.

    Other resource could be sending in resume and cover letter to various companies' HR department. When I was graduating, I found this booklet at my career center that they were distributing for free which had listings of around 300 companies. As a matter of fact, my first job was with one of those companies whom I sent the resume after looking them up in that book.

    Thirdly, talk to people or friends etc who are in the profession and see if they can find some opportunities in the company they are working for.

    Good luck.


      hi antidote:

      I did some checking for you..

      try these sites as well (the job site for the toronto star and globe and mail, like

      -this is the ontario govt job website but under search type in open...because your friend will be looking for open competitions that are for the public.

      also here is another site.. various links.
      (federal govt)..they are really seeking IT people (fairly effective) (this turned out to be super effective) (cool one for searching jobs) (this one is one is MAJOR) (list of the top companies to work 4) (this one is MAJOR)

      okay....this should keep your friend busy...
      one last word of to check out your local HRDC-Human Resource Development Canada location

      happy job hunting everyone!


      Each One-Teach One


        Good post Amber...

        I think I'll get busy also...


          Lucent was hiring bigtime in canada, and the canadian phone people...bellcanada i think, were also out hiring in full force. tell him to look them up.

          Depending on the city thathe is in, one good approach is to have someone check the local universities interview schedules, he will not be able to attend but he will know which companies are hiring.

          I know a guy at Cisco and can forward his resume to him. Salman was among the people who were most involved in the creation of this website and is very helpful to pakistanis in general. ask your pal to send me his resume in its final version and I will forward it to my pals at Lucent, bellcanada and Cisco.
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            one little thing..if he was educated in pakistan he has a few factors working against him and the best thing for him to do would be to get in front of recruiters.

            Yeah there is high demand in hi-tech but you always have a better chance when the recruiters can see you as a person rather than just a name on their list of applicants.

            depending on the person's timeline to find a job as well as interpersonal skills. you can find out the seminars, conferences etc in the area, and they are also good sources of finding out what is going on and making some contacts.

            I have held only one job where I went thru the recruiter/Hr route, in all other cases I had met the hiring manager or the manager's colleague before I had sent my resume in.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              Gee Thanks a million Roman,Amber and Pir Fraudiaji..they don't call you Pir Saab for nothing. I'll pass on the info to my friend. and Pir Sahab, I'll e-mail his resume to you. I do appreciate your help.



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                here is a program that looks at mutiple job websites for you an searches for jobs related to your search. Its like a bot only that it works on the big employment sites. Itmight save your friend some time in his search.

                Ghalib sahib,
                kis taraf ane ka hai? is it back to the City or sticking it out in the "dry lands "


                  could you please resend the resume. thanks.
                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



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