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    btw: Not sure which forum i should post this in but i wanted to get the message out, if you feel it doesn't belong here then please move it.

    hi everyone.. since its the summer (well in North America at least) and many students will be working in factories/service industry for summer jobs i just wanted to remind you guys about occupational health and safety and things you should know in terms of you rights to keep you safe from being injured at work

    Here are some things you should remember. I would imagine that there is legislation in most if not all states/provinces/countries.. and if not hopefully there will be soon.

    Again this is based on health and safety legistalation.

    Your employer has a responsibility to train you and warn you of any hazards that may be in the workplace. It is your employer's responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

    You must receive some sort of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information training if you are likely to be exposed to hazardous materials like chlorine bleach, cleaning agents and solvents.

    And remember, you have the right to refuse unsafe work and your employer cannot fire you for refusing unsafe work.

    As an employee you should be:

    using or wearing any equipment, protective devices or clothing required by your employer. On constructiion sites hard hats and safety footwear are usually required;

    reporting to your employer or supervisor on any missing, broken or defective equipment or other hazard in the workplace, or any violation of health and safety law that you should know about; and

    not working or operating equipment in a way that could be dangerous to yourself or anyone else in the workplace and not taking part in pranks or horseplay

    Here are some typical hazards:

    Chemical: liquids (e.g., office supplies, cleaning products, paints, acids), vapours and fumes (e.g., welding fumes, toluene), gases (e.g., oxygen, acetylene, propane, carbon monoxide)
    flammable, combustible and explosive materials
    Physical: electricity, noise and vibration, heat and cold, dust and fibres, radiation, exposed moving machinery parts
    Biological:unclean restrooms, improperly stored medical waste, mold, fungus and mildew ,bacteria and viruses , plants (like poison ivy), animal bites
    Ergonomic: lighting , workstation layout, video display terminals, CTS, work surfaces, chairs, lifting, repetitive movements, posture.

    A sad reminder which prompted this post..i felt like if i can remind some people then it was worthwhile.



    OAKVILLE, Ont. - 1169711 Ontario Inc., operating as New Sun Cookies, an Oakville cookie manufacturer, was fined $62,500 today and a supervisor was jailed for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that resulted in the death of a young employee.

    On Feb. 11, 1999, David Ellis, 18, of Burlington, was removing cookie dough from an industrial ribbon mixer when the mixer became activated. Mr. Ellis was drawn into the mixer by the rotating blades and struck his head on the edge of the mixer. He was taken to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto where he died of head injuries six days later. The incident occurred on Mr. Ellis’ second day on the job.

    1169711 Ontario Inc. pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that the exposed moving parts of the mixer were guarded, contrary to Section 24 of the Regulation For Industrial Establishments and Section 25(1)(a) of the Act.

    Michael Peetz of Waterdown, Ont., a former supervisor, and Richard Bates, of Burlington, Ont., a supervisor, pleaded guilty to one count each of failing to ensure that the exposed moving parts of the mixer were guarded, contrary to Section 24 of the Regulation For Industrial Establishments and Section 27(1)(a) of the Act. The two men are co-owners and directors of the company.

    Mr. Peetz was jailed for 20 days and Mr. Bates was fined $7,500.


    Know your rights. sorry for the long post..
    ta ta for now.

    Each One-Teach One

    Excellent post Amber! This definitely in a way links to the what I was talking about regarding desi students. I think it's really great to share any sort of information, minor or major that can help our community students in any way.

    Keep it up!


      its good to know this stuff. maybe we should also put general labor laws here as well. They are supposed to be posted in visible locations at all companies but the are not explained very well most of the time.

      thanks amber
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        yep agreed ..most people especially students don't know their rights in terms of labour practices..where they can go to file a complaint, which agencies etc and i think its important especially in the health and safety aspect..but also in employment standards.. ie: breaks, wages, hours, holidays, termination, discipline..

        if your part of a bargaining unit or union then at least you can turn to your collective agreement, or shop steward..

        but say if your joe clerk, no union then its important to know the minimum employment standards that are covered for non unionized employees.


          This is covered in the US under the OSHA rules . If you are going to be working in a harzadous working enviroment, you have to be OSHA certified (in most cases this means 40 hours of OSHA training and an 8 Hr yearly retrainer). If your work requires special saftey training, then the employee has to undergo such training before starting thier jobs.