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    Does anyone else around here have a mentor? I've a mentor here at PwC and he's just the coolest guy. He has educated and helped me tremendously both regarding the industry and the company culture and structure itself.

    I think it's very important in an organization to encourage and enforce mentorship for new hires etc.

    When I was in school, I did not have a mentor back then and I realize that I should have. I can see how much helpful it can be.

    Any comments, thoughts, experiences etc?

    In my current company I have a designated mentor, I mean I picked him and he is officially my mentor. the guys rocks, he is head of our strategy practice for a different city but we are in frequent communication. He is very helpful and its really positive for me.

    Previosuly, in my various jobs, i never had an official mentor due to the lack of such a program. I decided to reach out and find someone, and in every single case it was very helpful, especially at citicorp where my boss was a certified psycho, my mentor proved invaluable.

    I tried to do the same thing in college, there were a few professors that were really kewl ppl. I really gained a lot from their advise and mentoring.

    These people are still my mentors in one way or another, and its great to get feedback from them, and I think its crucial that we keep ties with old mentors strong.

    It helps me tremendously to have had such great mentors, because now that I am serving as mentor for some, I have great role models to follow
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      My current job at this firm, I never had any Mentors, only the bosses (partners). Although, I have taken many of the younger staff members under my wings. It is always a positive experience to learn from each other. I remember my first day at this job. I was taken to a room (my office) with about 200 or so big thick reports and my Boss asked me to read up all of these reports, have your findings on my desk by 9am Thursday (I started on Monday) and ask Tracey to book us for Budapest on Saturday and we will be back on Tuesday. If you need any supplies, ask Tracey. Let’s have lunch at 1.30. there is a great sandwich place on Park place.

      Roman, I have heard good things about PWC. We are very tiny in terms of our size and undertakings, but we get good exposure. We have 4 big project finance undertakings in far east. I am involved in modeling phase of these projects.

      And yes, I remember that I “paid” for the sandwich for both of us.


        Nyahmadi..what did you do to those poor sould after you took them under your wing. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* say no more..

        The great thing here is that when i go for lunch with the mentor, the company pays for it.

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Fraud yara, in my current job, the environment is fairly relaxed unless there are some crucial deadlines to be met. The firm encourages telecommuting, and I have two people work for me from our Boston office. I mainly trained my mentorees in data structuring and analysis. My job is very project oriented, and different groups work on different projects, so someone I trained earlier may be my team leader for the next project. I like it like that.

          The idea of Mentoring is appealing to me.

          I worked for NatWest in London for a few months, and I had a supervisor who was a stinking dick. I am sure NatWest is just as stinky as Citicorp. It was a very rigid organizational culture with very little to no room for personal and professional growth.


            hahaha i cant begin to tell you how much of a psychopath my citicorp boss was.
            He had a habit of taking his subordinates to a small meeting room having them sit in a chair and stand over them and scream..literally, face all red, spit flying out of his mouth, glasses falling over.

            People took his abuse for a bit, since we knew he was being transferred. The guy who replaced him was once a big shot and later fell out of favor with the powers that be. He worked in our offices a few days and in other offices a few days, and was a total nasty guy.

            My horros of that job are a different story, but that s one job for which i put my mentor as my boss and not the actual boss.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.