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    H1 vs Resident

    In your view how much harder is it for non residents to find jobs vs residents. How much does it matter based on the demand in your industry?

    Do H1 workers feel trapped since they employer is sponsoring them.

    I think it depends on the skill set of the employee a lot and how much they are in demand. Generally speaking, a less experienced candidate would have harder time finding an alternate sponsoring employer to than a person with few years experience.

    It is definitely advantagous to have resident status when switching jobs. All it requires is a two week notic. But in the case H-1B visa sponsored person, he/she has to first find a sponsoring job, then the waiting period until the H-1B is approved for the prospective employer and then giving the notice to present employer. This can take months and sometimes is quite frustrating if you don't like your employer at all but staying just for the waiting period.

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      Roman kinds summed up pretty nicely. But I also concur with Waqas on the differences in the industry. Because of the high turnover rate in the IT industry, employers usually do put up with the immigration hassles to keep the workers.

      But I know of a fellaw whose employer keeps him "latkai'ing" in terms of offering him a job because the employee has H-1 through the present employers and he just doesn;t want to hire nor release him from his H-1. There are horror stories related to H-1 and those who came here without much prep. and support with their H-1's can run into hardships if not guided correctly. Not alotta desis like to extend help to their fellow desi in this matter. Something we should all consider!


        My company does not hire people unless they are perm residents or citizens. Kinda sucks because they are missing out on some very good people by ignoring that segment.

        One of my Syrian pals who is on H1 is stuck working for a Managed Care Organization where he is underpaid and overworked and basically they ave him by the balls and they know it and he knows it. Luckily he transferred to a diff department where his life is easier.

        If he could bail, he would bail right now, I dont know all the legal issues which prevent him to do that.
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