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I wanna study in the U.S.A......

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    I wanna study in the U.S.A......

    Dear ppl,

    I am currently doing my FSc. in computer science at PAF Inter College Lahore. I'm looking forward to going to the U.S. for my Higher education.
    Now I would like to do Bachelors in "Computer Information Systems" at a Public four institute *or* an AAS. at a two year community college. The college/university should not harsh on expenses.
    I you currently study in the U.S. you can really help me by sharing your experience with me.


    if u'd like to study in the USA, u will hgave to apply to a few universities and then get accepted to them. There are fees associated with it.
    The hard part is getting the Visa not being accepted to a US university


      and also the tests
      the gmat or the sat


        Hey Pakistan99,
        I'm moving your msg to the Careers section where u'd be able to get better answers to ur question.

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          It depends on what type of grades you are getting and your expectations. Usually the midwestern or southern universities are cheaper than those in east coast and west coast.

          Some very good universities have very affordable tuitions these would include university of north carolina, university of south carolins, university of texas, university of Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State etc.

          These can get a bit competitive to get into so depending on how well you do in your FSC exams, TOEFL and SAT it may be an issue. it is best to start the process early because many have rolling admissions and the earlier you apply the better chance you have of acceptance.

          A number of universities in the Midwest that are not top tier have affordable tution as well, these would include pretty much all universities in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa's state education system e.g. Pittsburgh State or Emporia State in Kansas, Cenrtral Missouri or Northeastern Missouri in Missouri system.

          Community colleges I dont know much about.

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            Don't forget IUPUI and Purdue in Indy. Dollar for dollar, these two also give you most bang for the buck!!

            Like mentioned above, the hard part is getting the visa, not accpetance into the school. I know folks with approved I-20's who were turned down because they couldn;t prove that their sole intent to apply for F-1 visa was to study.

            Upon interview, you will need to prove that you're going to US for studying. Period! And afterwards, you have enough 'ties' or obligations that you will return to your native country. Try not to mention any close relatives who are currently in US. This may jeapordize your chances.

            Get in touch with folks who have been rejected for F-1 visas and as well as those who were accpeted. Learn the pointers. Interview process for F-1 visa is very different in third world countries than in developed countries. Though the burden of proof is always on the applicant, those in developed countries tend to always get a break from the consulors.

            Also make sure that you have financial support to sustain yourself for atleast 2 years. It just makes you look good!


              Dear Ghalib Sahab,

              One of my dad's cousins teaches in Union County College in NJ. His will Inshallah be responsible for my admission at the same college, in a CIS two year transferable program. That's make the I-20 no problem for me, as he is also going to give financial support.
              Will mentioning him shorten my chances?
              Please provide me with nfo...


                Yaar, I wouldn;t call myself an expert on this but if I were you, I would avoid mentioning any relatives, espcially for financial support. Its always a good idea to show that you have money to sustain yourself rather than relying on someone else.

                Your dad's cousin can supplement your contribution to the tuition and other expenses but you'll be better off infront of the consulor if bulk of the money is coming from you.

                One advice is to use use your dad's cousin as someone who'll furnish residence for you free of charge. This will remove some of the financial obligation from your living expenses and you'll be in a better financial position. Try to avoid using his money or financial support to pay for your expenses because it leaves room for the consulor to have doubts about your ability to sustain yourself if the degree is not completed within the alloted time frame.

                Hope it helps you a bit...


                  yara aaj kal pakistan emin american university kay campus hain, some of them are real. many are fake. if you go to a real one you can save a lot of money. I know that southeastern univeristy of washington Dc has a campus in karachi. Southeastern is a private university and is okay, but if you study in Pakistan your expenses would be much lower than even of a community college in USA. additionally, even if you do a BSc in Pakistan you can get cerdits for it in USA towards your bachelors.

                  just another idea.