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gas prices affecting the economy in Canada

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    gas prices affecting the economy in Canada

    Hi, I am doing my economics independent study on how gas prices are affecting the economy in Canada or how high interest rates are affecting the economy. Which one would have recent up to date info. and I would be able to write a 2000 to 3000 essay on. Does anyone know useful websites on one of these two topics or does anyone have any info. that they can give me? Thank you for the people that can help me.

    yeah tell me about it Shaz...

    I can no longer afford to drive down to skule...

    NEWays, I dunno about any canadian economic related websites but maybe a good starting place would be news-articles.

    Here's a link to an article I read in the Toronto Star a month ago...

    Hope that helps

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      I would argue that People in North America. US in particular have been spoiled by artificially low gas prices. Even now a Gallon of Gasoline is cheaper than a gallon of drinking water in my area.

      If people want to see high gas prices they should go to Europe or many asian countries.

      It can also be argued that the increase in the price of gas overall has not kept pace with the rate of inflation otherwise it would have been more expensive than it is and than it has been.

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        Hello Umar
        Thanks for the website it was very useful.If you find anything else I would be very thankful if you ssent it to me.