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continuing education and certificate programs

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    continuing education and certificate programs

    I think that it is essential for all of us to keep out skills polished and gain new insights through continuing education.

    For budding Project Managers out there, check out the website for ESI which teaches project mgmt courses in intensive sessions but these courses have their individual certificates. and upon completion of all you get a project mgmt certificate from George Washington University.

    You can use that towards a distance education masters program that they have established and it has minimal residency requirements at GWU.

    I took a few courses and really liked them.

    Currently I am in the Executive Mgmt Program at Northwestern Uni and its been a real challenge but a great learning experience.

    Are you guys involved in internal and external training? what are your thoughts.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

    I intend to start some sort of internal and/or external training in few newer e-biz technologies, as soon as I get off the project I am working on these days.

    So far what I have gather specifically related to the kind of training (technical) I want, it seems that learning in an institute is far more effective than using CBTs or self-study. I personally believe that classroom environment and assignments are very important for better learning.