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    Salam to all,

    First of all I wanna know what is Computer Systems Eng? Is it same as CSE(computer science and engineering)And there is another one,Engineering sciences.!What the hell is this?
    More over which has a greater demand abroad.(Electrical Electronics,Electrical Telecomm,or those mentioned above)
    Moreover if any1 abroad can tell that if any Eng.univ of Pakistan is well recognized and respected there.(GIKI,UET,NUST)
    I have heard these days only GIKI is respected.(that too not much)Is it true?
    And what about KING FAHD UNIV.of PETROLEUM AND MINERALS. Is it considered better than Pak univ.
    (please only serious replies and informed people.but please do reply)

    computer systems engineering is more to do with hardware.. and if you are not in the top 1% then it is not a very great place to be because you will be out of a job.

    The most demand these days would be electronic and telecoms due to the big growth in mobile telephones (especially third generation mobiles and WAP enabled mobiles) as well as voice-over-IP.

    I know GIKI has gained respect in circles in west but I am not sure where UET or NUST stand. Probably contact people from these places and check with them.

    The Saudi schools are considered better as a lot of teachers are americans or saudis trained in states.