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asking for a salary increase

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    asking for a salary increase

    Salaam everyone.

    I just wanted to get some advice from anyone who has good experience in this area or a more senior professional.
    I have been in the IT profession for 3 yrs since I graduated, doing contract work for 1.5 years then settling down into a permanent job which I have had for over a year. I am very happy with this company, you know when you first start out, you have to work really hard to get comfortable and established within the organization. I dont feel stressed at all at this job now like I did within the first year or so. Contract work was also very stessful. THe problem now is, how do I ask for an increase in pay?
    Considering my experience and skill sets, I know I can probably make a lot more working somewhere else, but I like it here and I worked hard to establish this comfortable position. Should salary increase really happen on its own? or should the worker ask for it? Whats a good way to approach this without jeopardizing anything?

    If you don't ask you don't talk to your manager and tell him all the good work you have done and ask him for a good raise. If you don't ask for it, you will get the average raise, which is about 4% to 6%.

    Dreams won't come true if you only want them to, but they will when you know they can.


      You should arrange a meeting with your supervisor/ boss and discuss issues as Personal Development Plan (the buzzowrd in the industry at the moment), promotion opportunities and probabilities and salary increase.

      Stress that the market rate for your job is higher (but don;t stress too strongly) and you think you are worth a salary increase.

      Well I haven't gone through it as yet myself as I work in a govt type position but would welcome any further ideas