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Signed the contract and back off

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    Signed the contract and back off

    How bad is it to back off after signing the contract and not join the company at all?

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    kyun mian? boston janay ka program khatam kar rahay hain aap?

    Yar it depends what is in the contract. read that first


      Nhai dada jaan.....Boston tu ja hee raha hoon ...but thora sa confused tha ...eik start up say bhi achi offer aai hai I just wanted to try my luck with that start up company, there is nothin in the contract about that, actually that was not a contract but was a offer letter.


        wiz as long as the startup you are talking about is not its okay.

        Contracts can be backed out of, but hopefully you read the fine print before signing it.

        In most cases you can back out with not much of a problem except potentially killing any chances with that organization for the short term.

        Do what is best for your career. btw if this is a chicago based startup you are looking at let me know. I come in contact with many of these on a regular basis so can give you some feedback.
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          No that was not, it is and that is in Sillicon Vally CA, but the pay is not that good as I am getting from that fortune 100 company in Boston. Also CA is too expensive as compare to Boston area. So far now I am going to Boston.

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