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    comp sc or info systems

    i came back after a long time and i see a couple of new forums up here.
    especially i like this one. ok here is the deal
    i'm thinking about goin to college atlat but i want to know wats the difference between comp sc and info sys in real world .


    i cannot say with complete auth. but comp sys is more towards programming and info sys is more towards management. in comp sys you will be taking more computer, sofware, compiler, etc related cources and in info sys you will be taking some business comp managemnt courses. (i think).

    best thing to do is to check with your nearest univ and they should be able to explain in length and also, dont forget to get a complete listing of courses before you decide.



      thanx for ur reply azkar
      i have already done dat and there is not dat much difference between them. i think i have to take a couple classes of accounting and economics for info sys dats about it the languages r the same.

      so anyone wana tell me which one has more value in job market



        from what you tell, seems like info sys has more course load; which is always better.

        my 2 cents advice is to take tech courses (comp sys, engineering, etc) with some sort of business classes (so that you can end up in management positions). you see, you dont want to be a techie (programr, engineer, etc) all your life naa... you want to be da manager, director, vp, ceo, business owner (inshallah).

        bottom line, choose a tech carrer with easy exit to management (courses that have business emphasis like info sys may lead the path) but I would sit with my academic advisor and discuss my 'future' plans to take over da world!

        good luck.


          My understanding is that usually computer science field involves core technical courses (DB, programming language, Networking etc) while info systems involves a mix of comp science related courses and business and system desing related courses (statistics, management, system analysis, data flow/modelling etc).

          Like Azkar said, it is good to have a mix of both from a long term career standpoint.