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counter offers by current employers

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    counter offers by current employers

    What is the verdict on counter offers? I was told that if you are leaving a job its probably more than just for more money, but even if it is just for more money and your current company gives you a counter offer, its not smart to accept it.

    The idea behind it is that now your loyalty is questionable and doors for advancement may be closed due to that. Also they may train a rpelacement and then get rid of you anyways.

    How true is this theory keeping in mind the current industry specially in high tech and consulting where the turnover is higher than ever.

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    My personal experience is that you have to send a message to your firm that you are being Head Hunted. If the money is an issue, they should know that too. In my line of business, loyalty to firm comes way after money. In my work (and it may not be the case in every industry) if you are not sought after, you are considered “average”, and being approached by other firms is only a proof of one’s competence. My industry (project finance) is fairly small (only a handful of firms) where everyone knows everyone else, and movements within these firms is usually not looked down upon. This is my 6th job in the last 10 years. I personally change jobs based upon what projects are up, and not what firm is doing the work.


      When I was leaving, I did not get any counter offer, same was the case with many other software developers who were leaving at that time. Our software package wasn't doing too good due to the Y2k problem at that time.

      But on the other hand, I know of a guy in professional services department who was offered a better paying job at PwC and my former company counter offered him better money with a bonus. He opted to stay and still working happily for my former employer.

      I think it depends how much demand there is for the job you are doing and generally speaking, a company won't make a counter offer unless it really wants you.

      Moreover, if it would eventually want to get rid of the same employee (to whom it made counter offer) by training someone else then it can't gain anything by that, only lose because then the existing employees would be apprehensive about working there. It does not come out good on a company's reputation and in the long run it only hurts.

      My personal feeling and experience on the matter is that generally companies do view quiting of employees as fact of business and deal with it in the same professional manner they do in other things. I even know many people at my previous company who left and came back and were welcomed without any grudge. It kinda depends what are the circumstances under which one is leaving.


        My advise :
        Tell your emplyer that you are approached by a Head Hunter (they still exist ). This way you will keep them sharp and you will stay loyal to them. And go for a talk, you only can learn something or see what your value is at that moment.

        If you choose to leave, don't accept the counter offer, the difference between the counter offer and your normal wage is the amount which you have been paid too less for a period of time.

        And second, the idea of Fraudie :
        your loyalty is questionable and they may train a replacement.


          Salam everyone,

          I used to post here, but have been busy for some time. I came back here and saw that there are great more fourms than before.

          AS a professional working in the field, here's my input on this subject.

          If you are leaving your company because you are unsatified with the working conditions, then just leave.

          If you are trying to get more money out of your boss or employer, thinking that you'd get a counter offer is a high risk. Don't play that game.

          If you are competent at your job, approach your boss and ask for raise, if money is the issue.

          In my line of work, if you get a call from a head hunter it's no big deal. Infact if you don't get called every 3 months, you better get worried and wonder if you are good enough for the job.

          There is nothing wrong in excepting a counter offer. I know many people who except counter offers and stay with the company. This of course is based on how good you are and how good is the company you work for and how it looks upon it employees attempting to leave it.