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    A lot of the IT consultants I know travel to work on their assigned projects. Usually they arrive on late Monday morning, catching an early morning flight from their city (talking mainly the domestic travel here), arriving directly at work and then leaving on Friday evening back home. Meanwhile, during the whole week they stay at hotels or Extended America etc.

    Imagining such a schedule for these guys, it sounds kinda tough, specially if you are doing it for many months. Even if these guys get to spend weekends at home, I can imagine that one of the weekend days is spent mainly laundering/preparing/packing clothes for the coming week. And by the time they find some free time, they only have about one day and then fly back.

    This put so many constraints on their personal lives. Relaxation, social life, hobbies, activities etc etc... kinda gets pretty limited. It is specially tough for those who have families with kids.

    True that a consultant makes more than a regualar Corp IT employee but on the other hand these guys go through a lot in my opinion. And the way things are going, consultancy business would expand and flourish even more, specially in IT industry.

    This means a lot more people on the road and consequently its impact on families and society. This, in a sense, is similiar to those vacuum cleaner or other appliances sales force back in 50's or 60's who would be on the road selling products.

    Professionally, working as a consultant has some benefits. It gives one an expanded experience by working on different projects and varying business problem scenarios. Socially, it takes away even more personal time in today's busy lives of the workforce.

    I personally have never travelled for a project to other cities but I am interested in hearing others' personal experiences and/or opinions on the topic.

    I travel a lot to Italy and Spain for my job.
    In the beginning it was fun and i liked it. But now i find it very hard to do. It has become a routine ;
    wake up early, drive to airport, fly, visit suppliers, meeting, lunch, meeting, and fly back. The next day i am completely broken and not productive.
    I came to the conclusions that money isn't everything and sometimes the pressure is very high.
    Sometimes i close my eyes and think about life back home. Of course we do not have the same living standards over there, but we have a lot of other things which are not always materialistic.

    And in my case : Could i ever fit in that society again?

    PS : COULD YOU??????


      When I was single I worked as a consultant and travelled 2-3 days/week every week, which went on for almost a year. Add to that fulltime school, so I had my plate full but aside from time constraints I did not have much problems.

      My horror story was working for a company where you lived a gypsy life i.e. 6 months in one city and then move on to next, they flew us back every weekend, but instead of hotels we lived in corporate apartments. I decided to give up my apartment because no one will be there except on weekends and asked them if weekends I could fly to other cities instead of whats listed as my perm address. It would have worked when I was single but I was married, babez wanted to start on her career and this would nto work for her, plus it had social implications, aside from company folks, you dont get to know anyone...and by the time u know a few ppl in a city you hafta move on. I was only there for a few months and the company went thru a merger with an internet I took a strategic mgmt position there and ended the gypsy lifestyle.

      I am working for a consulting firm now, but being in strategy consulting means our projects are shorter in duration 8-9 weeks max. we dont have to be at the client site all time time so maybe a day or 2 a week.

      Most consulting has this give or take involved. A good friend of mine is working for PWC and his wife for Andersen, even though both of them are based in Philadelphia, he has been on a florida project and she has been on a project in they see each other only on weekends..

      I dunno..some people can do it..I suppose if you have married and have kids both cant be travelling, and in my view, even one parent should have minimal travel so they are there for the kids.

      dunno if I answered it or confused ppl more.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



        Travel to Italy? Now that sounds inspring! But I'm sure if I would have to do it over a period of time, I will get sick of it too. On going back to Pakistan... well, there was a time that I used to think adjustment in life, if I were to go back, in the same way you do. Standard of life, the habits, social system, all the rest of the crap but now I feel that it's not simply that anymore.

        It's the whole way of living there. Making new friends and adjusting back with the old ones, relatives included. It's also to do with how you grow back up with other people if you go back. Akhhh, it's a whole different issue.

        Many people in consultancy business plan to do it for the sake of good money and savings for few year and then get permanent employee positions and settle down. The concept of a straight line career is just no more stagnant as it used to be years ago.


        I can imagine what you mean by gypsy life. I've been in Minnesota for about five months now and it's after these five months that now I am getting the feel of home when I come back from work. It would probably be devastating in my case if I were to move out every six months.

        When I was in school, I used to think that it could be cool to travel around at job. One gets to see a lot of places. Even though I have not travelled at all so far, my attitude about travelling for work definitely has changed.


          You tell me that. I am quiting my job because of travelling. Imagine when u have to cover almost whole Europe, sometimes USA/Canada.

          NO THANK.

          Its better to say bye bye baby, good by baby. My new job only involves travelling from home and work and back home, once in three months a trip to Australia or Israel and no more.