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    Sustainable Development Networking Programme

    Here are some postions in sustainable development that might be useful to people.


    Enclosed is the SDNP International Job Opportunities Digest Volume 8 Number
    2 and the SDNP National Opportunities Digest Volume 9 Number 2 of February
    11, 2000.

    Both the digests are available at the Sustainable Development Networking
    Programme (India) website at and mirrored at

    To subscribe to SDNP Opportunities Digest, send an email at
    [email protected]
    with the subject "Subscribe Opportunities Digest"

    ================================================== ================

    International Job Opportunities Digest

    February 11, 2000.

    Volume 8 Number 2.


    1. Programme Specialist
    New York
    Feb 22, 2000.

    2. Programme Officer
    New York
    Feb 22, 2000.

    3. The Staff Accountant WRI
    Washington D.C.

    4. Web Developer - Information Technology
    National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
    Vienna, VA

    5. Special Support Representative
    National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
    Vienna, VA

    6. Campaigns Assistant
    The Rainforest Foundation
    Feb 21, 2000

    7. Executive Director
    Coexistence Initiative
    NY or Washington, DC
    Feb 15,2000.

    8. Youth Programmes
    Christian Aid
    Feb 25, 2000

    9. Programme Coordinator
    Capacity Building for International Cooperation(ECDPM)
    Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Feb 15, 2000

    10. Administrative Associate
    Human Rights Watch
    New York
    Feb 17, 2000.

    11. Office Manager
    Human Rights Watch
    New York

    12. Program Coordinator/Data Analyst
    Population Council
    New York

    13. Regional Program Coordinator
    International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
    Ibadan, Nigeria

    14. Deputy Dir. & Program Officer
    International HIV/AIDS Alliance
    London, UK
    Feb 18, 2000.

    15. Chief, Trade Analysis Branch
    The united nations conference on
    Trade and development(UNCTAD)
    Feb 21, 2000.

    ================================================== =========================

    National Opportunities Digest

    February 11, 2000.

    Volume 9 Number 2.

    1. Program Manager - Education, for Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
    Posted in The Ascent, The Times of India, dated February 9, 2000.

    2. Executive Director, Communication Coordinator and Campaigns Coordinator
    Global March International Secretariat
    Posted in The Ascent, The Times of India, dated February 9, 2000.

    3. United Nations Volunteer for United Nations, New Delhi
    Posted in The Ascent, The Times of India, dated February 9, 2000.

    4. Assistant Project Officer, Safe Motherhood & Women's Health for UNICEF,
    Delhi Office
    Posted in The Ascent, The Times of India, dated February 9, 2000.

    5. Grants Manager for Plan International, Delhi Office.
    Posted in The Ascent, The Times of India, dated February 9, 2000.

    6. Project Officer (Information Technology) for The Indo-German Bilateral
    "Wateshed Management"
    Posted in the Magazine : Down to Earth, (Issue : February 15, 2000)



    Catholic Relief Services, is a private, voluntary, international
    relief and development organization
    working all over India since 1948. The Eastern India office at
    Calcutta supports programs in the
    states of Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and the North- Eastern
    States through regional program
    partners. CRS Eastern India is looking for a competent,
    experienced and dedicated :


    * The Program Manager is responsible for implementation of CRS
    supported Education Program
    in Eastern region. S/he is responsible for identifying and
    appraising partners, support their work and
    monitor progress.
    * Ensures that strategies are focused and produce project impact.
    * Prepare detailed operational plans and timeline to ensure
    project impact.
    * Develop and monitor projects budgets.
    * Provide support to the Program, Executives (staff) and project
    *Assist in conducting baseline, midterm evaluation.
    * Analyse project progress (in compliance with timeline,
    activity targets and progress towards
    project impact).
    * Prepare zonal reports for internal documentation and financial
    budgets for submission to the
    donor agencies.

    Qualification and Experience
    *Applicant should possess a post graduate degree preferably in
    Sociology or Social Work or its
    equivalent with specialization in Education Programme in India.
    S/he should be gender sensitive and
    possess skills for the empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged
    * Applicant should have 7 years experience in implementing,
    planning, budgeting, monitoring and
    evaluation of Education programs in Eastern India including
    north East of which at least 5 years in
    middle/senior management level in an international organisation.
    * Applicant should possess experience in participatory training
    and proficiency in writing and
    preparing reports.
    * Applicant should have sound knowledge of macro/micro
    development issues relating to Eastern
    India ad a fair theoretical knowledge. In particular, an
    understanding and commitment to issues of
    Pre-Primary and Primary Education in integration with other
    developmental activities and gender
    *Applicant should possess good negotiating skills and excellent
    communication skills in English and
    other regional languages and will be willing to travel extensively.
    *Applicant should be capable of leading highly motivated team of
    development professionals and of
    liaison/ building network with state level NGOs/INGOs.
    *Proficiency in Financial Management and computer literacy would
    be of greatest value.

    * Leadership and team building skills.
    * Ability to plan and organize effectively.
    *Problem solving, decision making and delegation skills.
    *Orientation towards community participation and empowerment of
    * Experience in leading multi disciplinary group.

    The initial contract will be for one year. Salary will be
    commensurate with experience. Interested
    candidates may apply within 10 days to :

    CRS-USCC/Eastern India
    4/2 Orient Row
    Calcutta - 700 017

    For further details, please refer to : The Ascent, The Times of
    India, dated February 9, 2000.
    or visit the website :

    2. Global March Internatinal Secretariat

    A leading international organisation working towards ending
    child labour with a broad alliance of
    partners in 140 countries, seeks energetic candiates with 5-10
    years of relevant experience for the
    following senior positions :

    1. Executive Director
    2. Communication Coordinator
    3. Campaigns Coordinator

    Salaries will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

    Interested candidates should post, fax or e-mail their resumes
    along with a cover letter describing
    why they would be interested in this position within 10 days to :

    Global March International Secretariat
    L-6 Kalkaji,
    New Delhi - 110019.
    Fax : 623 6818
    Email : [email protected]

    For further details, please refer to : The Ascent, The Times of
    India, dated February 9, 2000.
    or visit the website :

    The United Nations

    The United Nations in India is looking for :

    A National UN Volunteer for the promotion of the International
    Year of Volunteers 2001.

    Following Skills are Required : Experience in the area of event
    management, Expertise on
    developing and maintaining web pages and adept at using the
    internet, Designing and developing
    publicity material and project proposals.

    Experience in the NGO sector especially the community level,
    Good inter-personal skills, Reporting
    Skills and proficiency in spoken / written English.

    Please send resume and photograph by the 1st of March 2000 to :

    UNV Administrative Assistant
    55, Lodi Estate
    New Delhi - 110003.

    For further details, please refer to : The Ascent, The Times of
    India, dated February 9, 2000.
    or visit the website :


    Invites applications for the following posts on Fixed Term

    Assistant Project Officer, Safe Motherhood & Women's Health.

    Location : Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Calcutta, chennai, Gandhinagar,
    Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow,
    Mumbai Patna.

    Duration : One Year

    Major Duties & Responsibilities : Under the overall guidance of
    the Project officer, Health &
    Nutrition, be responsible for providing support to UNICEF
    colleagues and Government
    counterparts for planning, implementing, training and monitoring
    of preventive, promotive and
    curative safe motherhood, adolescent and women's health
    interventions using a rights-based

    Minimum Qualifications an Experience : Applicants must possess
    Post-graduate qualification in
    Obstetrics and Gynecology and Masters in Public Health or

    Knowledge of development issues, policies and programming of
    sate motherhood, adolescent or
    women's reproductive health. Three years' experience in
    Gynaecology and obstetrics, with
    particular emphasis on social Obstetrics. Experience of working
    in communities in implementing and
    managing programmes specifically related to women's health
    required. Relevant experience in
    monitoring, data collection and analysis an advantage.
    Managerial, negotiating and analytical skills
    are essential attributes. Good analytical skills related to
    programme management and
    communication skills and team spirit.

    Fluency in English and the main local language of the State.
    Knowledge of other languages / dialects
    spoken in the State, an advantage. Ability to use computer
    applications independently. Ability to
    work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment.

    Preferred age group of 30-40 years. Please send two copies of
    the detailed resume, along with
    passport size photographs, within two weeks of the publication
    of this advertisement to :

    The Chief Human Resources
    UNICEF 73 Lodi Estate
    New Delhi - 110003

    Please clearly inscribe the title and location of the post on
    the envelope containing your application.
    Individual application should be submitted if applying for more
    than one location.

    Only applications of short-listed candidates will be
    acknowledged. For further details, please
    refer to : The Ascent, The Times of India, dated February 9, 2000.
    or visit the website :


    PLAN is an International humanitarian child focused development
    organisation without religious,
    political or governmental affiliations. Child sponsorship is the
    basic foundation of the organisation.
    PLAN's vision is of a world in which all children realise their
    full potential in societies, which respect
    people's rights and dignity.

    PLAN requires for its India Country Office at New Delhi, the
    following Staff

    GRANTS MANAGER (Ref. Code : GM/HR/0200)

    Job Description : You will be a member of the Core Grants Team.
    You will be responsible for
    evolving strategies that leverage on optimum grants acquisition,
    furthermore you will help in
    developing tracking mechanisms that promote effective grants
    utilization, besides conceptualizing
    and writing professional grants proposals. You would also be
    responsible for developing PR
    packages and promoting the grants network in India.

    Experience : A minimum of 12 years of INGO experience in
    programmes with a background in
    marketing / public relations. Management level experience in
    major grants funded programs and
    extensive experience in major grants funded programs and
    extensive experience in grants
    administration, in particular from large bi-lateral donors
    preferable. Excellent computer skills
    (Windows environment). A Master degree in a development related
    field is necessary. Fluency in
    English and knowledge of Hindi is a must. Knowledge of other
    Indian languages an added

    Please apply within seven days, indicating on the envelope the
    job position applied for along with
    the job reference code. Candidates, who had applied earlier,
    need not apply again.

    Application should be addressed to :

    The Human Resources Manager
    8/16 Sarva Priya Vihar
    New Delhi - 110016

    E-mail : [email protected]

    Website :

    PLAN INTERNATIONAL is an equal opportunity employer.

    For further details, please refer to : The Ascent, The Times of
    India, dated February 9, 2000.
    or visit the website :

    6.The Indo-German Bilateral Project "Watershed

    The Indo- German Bilateral Project "Watershed Management"
    located in Vasant Vihar,
    New Delhi seeks to appoint immediately a Project Officer
    Technology) with the following duties :

    Operating a GIS with special reference to Natural Resources
    Designing and maintaining websites
    Operating hydrological database and instruments
    Frequent travel in India to remote rural areas

    The suitable candidate should be a young graduate in Computer
    Sciences from a
    reputed university. Familiarity with programming tool such as
    C++, Visual Basic,
    HTML, arcinfo etc. is a must.

    Interested candidates should submit their biodata to the
    following address :
    [email protected]

    For further details, please refer to February 15th, 2000.
    edition of the Magazine "Down
    to Earth".

    ================================================== ==========================

    Sustainable Development Networking Programme (India)
    Room 1023 Paryavaran Bhawan
    CGO Complex
    Lodi Road
    New Delhi 11 00 03

    Fax +91 11 436 1147
    Ph. +91 11 436 2140
    email : [email protected]
    website :
    mirror site:

    Is'nt the salary scale a little on the low side ?


      which exact postion were you refering to Zman? Then I would be able to tell you better if it is or not.

      anyways, I hope to update these postings every so often so that people can see whats available.


        Just in general. I just randomly clicked on 3 to 4 links and the average salary is about 50k. They were offering a little less money for the requirements they wanted(for the ones that I saw).



          Having sticker shock of the wrong kind?
          Yaar thats the typical salary ... its not a low salary. Most of the jobs in the big institutions dont pay a whole lot. just that you get quite a few fringe benfits for a 9-5 job... It also depends on where you are located and how much experience you have.. was there a specifc reason you were checking out these links? may be if you there is something specif then I can help you out better.


            I kinda keep up with salary trends in the US, especially when my review is around the corner.

            Thanks for asking though


              Are you in the Sustainable development field?
              There are various sites that will give you an average salary for your type of job that i could dig up for you if you are looking at other fields.


                Actually I am a consultant in the IT field. Points of interest are Java, VB, ASP and Power builder


                  ohh ok
                  then Indeed the salaries you would see here would be much lower then the IT field. Our profit margins are generally in the low teens I believe .

                  For a survey of salaries in your field, i suggest you try out the school websites (if your a recent grad (I have used MIT and Stanfords and they give good indications of the two costs). For more experienced jobs try some of the regular job websites. They should have such info. Perhaps other people here could also give you a good indication of the expected salaries.