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    Need Help (USA Only)

    I am serious this time, no joke or lie. I have a friend who is looking for a job. He does not have a legal status yet. DO we have any company who can sponsor him or give him a decent job.

    Twelve years of diversified Industrial and Computer related activities:
    Computers : IBM-System 36, HP-1000 and 400 Systems and all IBM Micros and compatibles and related Peripherals. (Software and Applications) BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN-4, SQL/SQR/SPC, ORACLE and Peoplesoft. Autocad 13, Win-95/98 with LANTASTIC and P/P Networking, MS Office (Word, Excel), Micrografix Designer, Adobe, Corel, Visio and Graphic/designing products. ACCUBID-Project Analysis and Estimation.
    Gerber Technology : Provide Software, Hardware, Application Support and Training on CAD/CAM and Computer Integrated Management-CIM Systems. (Including: Silhouette, PDS, Accumark (Networking), Accuplanner, GCD, PDM-Networking, and Impact (MTM) systems. Along with Technical Writing for new Beta development and documentation.
    Industrial Project : Turnkey projects, Manufacturing Plant designing and Production system layout, Industrial Continuos Chain Processing Systems. Computer based Apparel Designing, Pattern Generation and Grading, Marker Making, Production Planning/Analysis, Fashion Merchandising, International out-sourcing Management-(CMT) and ISO-900x based Quality Assurance implementation.


    1997-1998 DMS Garment Technology Colombo, Sri-Lanka
    Project Engineer
    - Performed Industrial audits to identify process modification needs for automating production operations.
    - Application and System training for Pattern Designing, modification and development and Grading, Marker
    making etc (Using Gerber Technology CAD/CAM & CIM systems).
    - Provide Hardware Tech Support & Training.
    - Customized equipment and application software for all levels of users and Network Administrators.
    - Developed curriculum including Training and Educational manuals for Process Engineers and General Users.

    1994-1997 Legler Nafees Denim Mills Lahore, Pakistan
    Director Systems
    - Designed Planned and Set-up the Garment Div. (Cut to Pack) for manufacturing denim product & successfully
    achieved international export standards within two months of operation.
    - Directed all HR and apparel production activities, Successfully Established Computer Network integrating all
    the production units for Continuos Chain Production system and Integrated Management.
    - Successfully inducted Audit formats and practices for ISO-9002 and ECOTEX certification.
    - Analyzed, Designed and Developed an on-line Production Operation Management system using SQL/SPC/SQC
    with Powerbuilder as the front end tool.

    1987-1994 Almurtaza/Abbas Apparel Machinery Co., Karachi - Pakistan
    Technical Manager
    - Carried out training activities on CAD/CAM systems for Designing, Pattern/Grading, and Marker making and
    all related operational support.
    - Installed all CAD/CAM equipment for Apparel production automation, and also controlled an in-house
    electronic lab and service/repair workshop for problem diagnosis and component level repairs of equipment.
    - Designed and developed User Interface for HR and Production Management Systems establishing correlation
    between Operation Flow, Departmental Work Distribution and Payroll.
    - Coordinated all Marketing/sales and pre-sales operational activities including layout design, planning, and
    installation of CAD/CAM and CIM equipment in the South West Asia, Middle East and CIS region of Gerber
    Technology International.

    1980-1985 University of Karachi Karachi , Pakistan
    - M.Sc., Master in Science - Applied Physics (Electronics)
    - B.Sc., Bachelor in Science- Geography, Mathematics and Physics.

    1997-1998 Preston University Wyoming
    - MBA, Masters in Business Administration - General Management.

    1987-1988 GGT Technical Training Center, Tolland - CT USA
    - CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing - postgraduate Application Engineering for process automation.
    - CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Process Control and Production Monitoring system.

    List can be furnished if required.

    Can be furnished if required.

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    My company does not sponsor for H-1 etc so cant help here. I know of a group called maxim consulting group that had sponsored a pal of mine. They are nationwide..look them up.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Meanwhile, ask him to post his resume and search through jobs at



        Thanks Fraudia,
        I gave him the name of the agency, the only thing is bothering me is that this guys is in Chicago working for a Pakistani guy, they are using him like a cheap Labor. He working 6 days a week/10 hrs a day for $300/week.

        Thanks Roman, I will post his Resume on those two sides.



          is this guy illegal or is he legal but without work authorization? That makes a big difference. If the guy is legal but does not have work authorization, he can easily be picked up by a tech recruiter, however if he is illegal here, that adds complexity to it. A pal of mine was in the same situationa nd applied for Canadian immigration. He got it in about 6 months and went to canada worked there and then was picked up by US company.

          Where is he working in Chicago anyways.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            You might want to suggest to your friend to apply for Canadian Immigration. I know four people who were working in a similar position with a Pakistani companay and got thier immigration and left for Canada. It might not be warmest place, they are likely to achieve a much better pay then thay have right now and they will also get to be citizens faster. The process takes about 6 months to 1 year and if you need more info let me know. In the mean time he can definitely apply for jobs as the other people have suggested...

            Its absolutely disgusting what Pakistani people do to make a profit. I know a Phd person making less then what your friend is just because she had to look for H-1 sponsership.

            Just going briefly through his resume. here some comments that if you think apply you might want to pass onto him...

            the skills summary is quite comprehensive,... try making it a fewer items and putting it in terms of bullets...

            aslo your friend seems to be looking for CIS/Management position,. so have him take out all the surflous info in his resume from it.. That way the recruiters can see exactly what hes done in the field.

            You have the education in the wrong cronological order. Have him highlight what he did in his MBA and then list the other degrees which he received earlier.

            If he has done some siginificant project in the USA, have him list it... taht way recruiters would be able to tell that he is capable of working in the industry here.

            well thats all I can say for now.. wish him best of luck.



              Along the same lines as hmcq mentioned, I would suggest using the word 'Hardware' instead of computers under skill summary.

              Also, try categorizing different his software related skills for better reading and stand out effect. For example:

              Programming Languages: BASIC, PASCAL, (.. and so forth)
              Database related: SQL, SQR, Oracle ( ..)
              Analysis, Design, and Development: Visio, Autocad 13, Micrografix Designer (.. and so forth)
              Platforms: Windows 95/98...

              ... and so forth

              Also, include the specific software/applications that he used to perform different responsibilities under EXPERIENCE. I also see that he has used a lot '/'. I would suggest using comma instead. For example, instead of SQL/SQR/SPC, use SQL, SQR, SPC since these are different skills.

              I also think that he should definitely apply for Canadian immigration. Good luck to him.


                Thanks Guys, you all are Angels.
                GOD BLESS YOU.


                  Re: Need Help (USA Only)

                  There's a lot of useful that online that can help you search for a job you might be looking for including fashion merchandising management