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    More on bad habits at the workplace

    Salaamz All,

    I am a recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate from London UK.

    During my Industrial Placement, I noticed among a few of my desi and non-desi muslim co-workers, that they regard most of the people around them as ignorant or to add the colorful term 'Ignorant Kuffar'.
    Often during lunch we would share a table with some English guys. We made it a point not to talk shop over lunch, and often one of the Goras would express some interest in some aspect of Islam or of Desi culture. I noticed I was the only one attempting to explain anything, and building a bridge of understanding (sort of).

    Whenever these 'Kuffar' left the table and we were left in 'Muslim only' company the good Muslims would start bad mouthing these guys ... how they are ignorant, and the only reason they ask these questions is to make us feel different, and how their minds are being controlled by the media image of Muslims, and how they are all enemies and cant be friends, etc etc. etc.

    The result was I made more friends among the 'non-muslim' work force, and eventually stopped sitting with the other guys, coz I couldn't stand their 'stereotyping' of all non-muslims.

    My table always had a full compliment, no empty chairs. We had the most amazing discussions on many topics , relating to Muslims in the UK, Muslims globally, the Iraq crises, Libya, Iran, perception of the west among muslims and so on.

    I made more contacts not only among the company workers, but contractors and visitors who might drop by at lunch time. The only negative point being, I could never finish lunch coz I was almost always talking.

    Long story short, to me there seems to be this trend in the muslim workforce here in the UK, especially among the 'practicing Muslims' of looking down on everyone around them.

    Isn't this something that should be discouraged ?
    They are just hurtung their own image, and passing up on oppurtunities to set straight the stereotypes that exist in the minds of the average westerner?

    thoughts? anyone notice parallels in the USA or Canada?

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    You are right. I, too have noticed this.
    You need to post this topic in the Religious affairs forum because I believe you will get good responses from ppl who are more qualified to answer then the ones you will find on this thread. Nonetheless good observations.



      I live in the UK and in general have found that Muslims in the workplace are unable to defend their faith and habits.

      What you interpret as looking down at others in my view is a closing in of minds amongst Muslims because they are unable to justify and defend their views so would rather stick around like minded people.

      Many Muslims are bewildered and confused with the world and everything is explained using conspiracy theories of one sort or another. In general they don't like their views challenged.

      Farouq Taj.



        Good observation. Is it stemming from some sort of complex or just plain simple ignorance. The fact however remains that there is a lot that we need to improve in the way we act, and consequently in the way we could be percieved at the work place.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.