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Umar : Calling from Toronto

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    Umar : Calling from Toronto

    Hi you all,
    Well Mr. Fraudia, finally someone has listened to us. I was amongst the first ones to forward this idea to the admin. and it has come into action. Good!

    Well here goes my introduction :
    Live in Toronto ; am a third year undergraduate in Software Engineering at the University of Toronto. The coming year will be my "Professional Experience Year", and I'm starting my internship with the Ministry of Health, Communications Dept. as a Systems Officer, next week.

    I also work as a P-T Student Advisor at the Kaplan Educational Center. Here's your guy then, all advice and consulting is free for desis.
    If anyone has any questions or needs advice on anything, do gimme a shout.
    Email me at : [email protected]

    Umar . .

    You must have access to Campus WorkLink . . .check out the postings from Logitek . . .and let me know if you know anyone that would qualify.

    I'm getting lots of resumes but will probably wait until the weekend is over before I start calling for interviews.


      Sure Muzna, I'll take a look and definitely let you know by Friday afternoon.



        hey you said you are in software eng. at u of t. have you taken CSC340 and 408 yet, if you have, how much of stuff from 340 is actually usefull for 408. I am currently trying to take both of them at the same time and need to know if i can manage it.


          Hello Bhola,

          Not yet! As I said, this is my Professional Experience Year and I have only completed 2nd year courses and a couple of 3rd years in Mathematics + CSC324. Well, 340 is the best course in CSC after 228 (my opinion!). I have all the notes for 340. I was initially planning to take it this year. I will however be taking 428F and 378S this year. Glad to know someone else from U of T Comp. Sci.

          You should be able to manage these courses together, unless you have another heavy programming course.
          Feel free to email me : [email protected]