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Some key qualities for us all to have

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    Some key qualities for us all to have

    a lot of us work in managment and executive, positions while being practitioners and role modeling for our staff, whome we could delegate things to.

    but some qualities are needed always at all times, for all people to excel at work.

    especially for a supervisior, a mentor to have, whom one may look up to.

    they have to do with

    organizational skills of works space and staff, work plan an its imlementation, analysis, modifications and report writing at the end of the project's time frame
    time management skills - every day work through planning and start of the next year
    communication skills with staff, people whome your program and work serves - patients, students and others, etc., your communication with your own supervisors and wherever you speak on behalf of your employer organization in public, even during informal meetings with common circles of acquaintances
    & most importantly your work ethics + personal intergrity

    share how you view these constructs as part of your day to day work life and how you manage these to keep a sucesful and dignified head up in your work fields?
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