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Which area of IT to work in? (london)

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    Which area of IT to work in? (london)

    Salaam Guys,

    For someone who is looking to embark on a career in IT. Which branch would be best to go into considering todays market? Is it still networking or is something else in greater demand?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



    Re: Which area of IT to work in? (london)

    Networking and Data Communication indeed
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      Re: Which area of IT to work in? (london)

      If you are just startin especially in I.T - stop being picky and jsut start where ever you get the opportunity.
      It is one of the most boring careers (in the long run) you will "embark" upoon
      It all depends on your personality / life style. But networking / support is probably where you want to be. Much bigger market, more potential to grow. More potential to change job (go into Mgmt in the long run).

      If you are asking because takin on studies - stay away from computers or I will beat the bajesus out of you.
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        Re: Which area of IT to work in? (london)

        wo wo, stop guys misguiding the poor soul.
        networking and support is not much there, imagine, 100 people managed by only 1 or 2 support guys??

        I would say go for business analysis and processing, or if you are techy then go for design and development root.

        companies these days hold back investment on new network infrastructure and with focus on outsourcing hardly a need for massive expansion or growth in this area. in my office today 3 buildings around my office own by cisco neworks,,,, guess what? since 3 years they are empty

        development and support will go to india, china, south africa as time passes. choose a career in IT which is closer to business and cant be done offshore for a secure future.

        so close to business, analysis, and high level designing will stay here in long run.

        just to give you example, i had 2 MSc's one in Core Computer Sciences, and other in niche, Networks and Communications cause of interest. but practically I have only been using the first one , 2nd one is just a knowledge for me. though I am working in Telecoms sector, but focused on designing solutions.

        choice is yours, as always I would say choose what you enjoy doing, you will have fun while working.
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