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    Makes no sense!!

    Why are people so sympathetic towards poor people who lie, cheat, deceit, steal and then lie again?
    The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray. (Al-Fatihah)

    If anything!! The underprivileged are treated with harrowing cruelty, there are reports that the homeless boys are raped first night out, influential people are raping women in shelters, 100s of millions malnutritioned, hundreds of thousands starving and dying of disease. Poverty leads to crimes, I think in California, they stopped arresting for petty thefts. I feel the society is very rewarding for the uber corrupts there. Try to find some softness in your heart and look at things from a person who has no shelter, food, security and health care.


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      where is the thumbs down option when we need it.

    In our culture people do not take sides based on what is right and what is wrong, rather on what is in it for them. Following are some examples:

    1- If someone is secretly jealous of you, they will be happy if you got swindled, and pin the blame on you instead of the swindler.

    2- If someone wants to use virtue signaling for self-promotion at your cost, then siding with the poor is a great opportunity to do that.

    3- Many of these so-called poor people have big social networks to back each other up in disputes. The most confident and rash drivers on our roads are rickshaw drivers, majority of whom don’t even possess driving licenses, yet police never stops them due to their networks. If your new car gets hit by one of them, their backers will reach the spot within minutes and beat you up. So most street-smart people side with them regardless, because they don’t want to be on the losing team.

    Many of my relatives have stopped using domestic help in Pakistan because domestic help has often been found to have played key roles in robberies. There is soon going to be a wedding in my family and the first preparation for that was to get rid of all the domestic help.